Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Once again I see a piece of the sky

Ok so some explaination is needed for the location of these photos. Remember a few posts back when I mentioned my basement flooded? Well one of the rooms that was affected was my older brother's childhood room, which, as you can see, is fully decked out in posters and magazine cut-outs of motocross, Puff Daddy (why?), and various wrestling parephenalia (remember when wrestling was cool? Again, why...?). Another brother moved down to this room a few months ago and hasn't taken anything down, so I'm using the opportunity to take pictures in this rank, flooded, and overall hideous room. You like?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic My newish satchel here again, sans-fox tail. A kid I was babsitting (YES I STILL BABYSIT, OK?? It pays and I basically do nothing but watch iCarly and eat their food) was playing with the tail and it RIPPED! I didn't even know fur could just fall apart like that! I'm going to try to fix it but I'm not sure it will make a full recovery.
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Although this picture is pretty hideous facially, (past caring about "looking pretty" on the blog. It's MY BLOG and I'll be ugly if I wanna!) I needed to show this jacket. Last night I went to a midnight showing of Eclipse (which was SO GOOD btw) and I wore it because it has always reminded me of Edward's coat in the first movie... just another bit of nerd-formation.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Perhaps a prettier picture after all that dark and dank basement stuff? These are my nails I did two days ago after watching Gem Fatale's tutorial on how to do leopard print nails. This girl is a nail wizard and her blog is one of my newest favourites, I just love her to death!
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The black bits are done with liquid eyeliner. Such a good idea! I used this jank old sparkly crap that doesn't look very good on eyes, but looks good on the nails! Can you see the tiny sparkles? ...You know what else sparkles? Edward. Okay enough Twilight stuff, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!
ps- A quick rant before I go! At the movie last night we were waiting in the theatre for like 2 hours before the show started cos we wanted to get good seats (at New Moon we had to sit in the 3rd row, major neck sore!). My group of friends and I were chatting, filling time before the movie, then about 20 mins before it started I said to my friends "Ok guys make sure your phones are off!", and this girl sitting right in front of me said completely out loud "Why don't you turn off your mouth!". My jaw just dropped. I never experience that kind of uncalled for bitchiness with strangers, it was just so unnessesary! She didn't even have the guts to turn around and say it, she was looking forwards but said it clearly loud enough for me to hear. I was like "whhhhhaa...?". Then she turned to her friend and repeated what she just said, again in a normal speaking voice for us to hear. I was just like wow, that was rude. The movie or trailers hadn't started yet, everyone in the huge theatre was talking, and obviously I was planning on shutting up when the movie started! I let it go cos I am NOT into drama, but I mean... so rude. Does this kind of stuff happen to any of you often? I'm curious.

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