Monday, August 29, 2011

One more chance

So a few weeks ago I had a garage sale in attempts to clean out my room. I sold some stuff, donated A LOT of stuff, but then still had some stuff left over that I couldn't bear to donate. These are the things I still love but just don't get a lot of wear from, so I thought if I can't wear them then the next best thing would be to offer them to my blog readers!

Everything I'm selling is in new or nearly new condition, and has only been worn a few times or never worn at all. This isn't my thrifted stuff either, it's all name brands including Cheap Monday, Irregular Choice, Boy London, and even Luella! To make things simple, I've included the shipping charge in the price listed, so all you have to do is email me with the item you want, and I'll send you a Paypal invoice for the listed price and nothing more! I've made a page with the despcription for everything, so go ahead and click below to shop my closet!


Just so I feel like there's some "real material" in this post, here are some pictures of the kind of outfit I wear on those crazy hot summer days. Usually my outfits are barely modified for the weather, but here in the praries it can get pretty damn hot sometimes and, well, something's gotta give... in this case it's my creativity. The only ounce of originality here are my "leopard print bike shorts", which were actually my favourite pair of tights that had a tiny hole which soon turned into a giant gash! My solution (couldn't throw them away, obviously) was to cut them and turn them into sheer shorts. Which actually have really come in handy to wear under my other shorts... my cutoffs tend to be veeeery short, oops!



UPDATE: Things are selling fast! The shoes, sunglasses, and sweatshirt are sold, but there's still a Cheap Monday dress, an American Apparel dress, a Topshop skirt, and a Luella top all up for grabs still! Check them out before someone else snatches them!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

You always had the blondest hair

UGH I'm kind of realizing how crappy my blog is right now. I'm not seeking sympathy, seriously I feel like I've not been getting any good material for you guys lately! I guess it mostly has to do with my real-life style slump that I'm going through, with I'm praying will pass in due time. So yeah, just saying I'm fully aware of my current suckiness!

I've got a few iPhone outfit pictures from the last few weeks, it's just way easier to take a few quick mirror snaps than to set up my tripod and make sure my room is clean enough to take pictures in (the real challenge). I think I'd like to start taking daily outfit pictures, even the ones that are less than exciting, just because I think it's way interesting to get a sense of what a person wears from day-to-day rather than just what they get dressed up in to post about... if you get what I mean.

Here's another outfit with my new favourite jeans I've already posted about: the crazy long flares! I still love them so much, and I just really liked how they looked with this t-shirt that I cut the sleeves off of. Speaking of this t-shirt, I bought it at an Alexisonfire concert in high school and wore it the other day as a mini-tribute to the band which officially disbanded recently. It's really sad but I guess all good things come to an end, and I've still got some good mosh pit memories from all their amazing shows (seen them about 4 times, I think?).


Jeans from Topshop, concert tee, thrifted bag, and Aldo chunky sandals

And can we talk about this bag?? I thrifted it a few weeks ago for like 4 dollars and I love it. Weirdly I find it goes with just about everything, and it's the perfect size to fit everything in yet not to big for it to get all jumbled up with stuff. Such a good find.


This outfit is what I wore to go to the 18th birthday party of some girl I don't know. My friend and I were out of town visiting her brother who had this party to go to, and rather than just sit around at his place we tagged along. Scouring my closet for a dress for this thing was not as easy as I thought, I HAVE NO "NICE CLOTHES"!! Good excuse to go party dress shopping, I think...


Thrifted grey lace dress, blazer from idk, random jewelry and clutch.

Now I wore this outfit today, but warning I'm not wearing makeup in these pictures! Scary. Dress I thrifted the other day, pretty cute in a high school kid from 1992 kind of way. But what I love about this outfit are my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa rocking horse shoes! I bought them months ago but I don't think I've blogged about them yet. They're the ones with the wings attached to the ankles, but I took them off because I wore them with jeans the day before and I don't think the wings look good with pants. Anyways, love these shoes and even though they're a strictly summer kind of shoe I'll probably try to get away with wearing them in the fall with socks. Rubber and woolly socks. I love it.


And before I forget, my current nails are a set of falsies in robin's egg blue (in my signature oval shape).


That's all for now, but I PROMISE this blog-slowness won't last forever. Bear with me, it's summer after all!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Too much, too little, too late

EVERYTHING THRIFTED, except for the socks they're Monki from Sweden.
Is there any chance I'm actually getting whiter in the summer? Sheesh. I'm blogging this outfit not only because I loooove this skirt I thrifted last week (for like 2 dollah, hollah hollah!), but because I've worn this exact outfit 3 times in the past week. Hygenic? No. Saves me time and effort putting another look together? Yes. You see where I'm going with this, I'm just getting lazier by the minute.
So lazy I'm going to finish the post here. BYE
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