Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Unicorn Dreams

On Sunday I went to my grandparents' house for their anniversary and though I would get some cool pictures on their farm. I was going to get my brother to take some for me like last time, but he ran off right away to play(... note to self: get a photographer over the age of 12!). So I took some sneaky pics in their downstairs bathroom, they've got a big tub so I couldn't resist!
I love that unicorn picture on the wall, I remember just staring at it forever when I was younger and would stay there overnight. It's just so bad that it's good, I don't know why I just love it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to wear a Polo

I haven't worn a polo in a long time and I thought this looked really good altogether. I layered a dress with this long white tank top, then belted it all up. I actually really like polo shirts so I'll be trying new ways to wear them in the near future. A more interesting pair of shoes could have kicked this look up a notch now that I think of it...
On a slightly off-track note, can anybody suggest how to layer with long sleeved shirts for winter? I think I just look stupid in long sleeves so any unique tips would be very helpful!

p.s.- I've just realized I haven't been doing my little outfit bubbles for this last week. Shame shame, will start that up again...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hop aboard the Double Decker bus!

I'm sure most of you ladies out there have a sweet spot for shoes. I am no exception to this. I try not to think of myself as one of those girls who claim to be "shoeaholics", boast about their 150 pairs of pumps, or have "shoe-gasims" on a regular basis (I can't remember where I heard this, it just sounds so stupid!), yet I will admit that a lovely pair of new heels will always have the ability to brighten my day.
A few weeks ago, Stephanie shared with us a great Japanese shoe store called Double Decker. After browsing around and seeing that they shipped to Canada, well, I just couldn't resist. Insane styles like wooden platforms, creeper boots, and studded sneakers are plentiful on DD, and their "any two pairs for $100" deal just makes the whole situation even more tempting. So without a moment to lose, 10 minutes after I read Stephanie's post, I had ordered 2 new pairs of shoes. Talk about an impulse buy.
After some confusion with the payment, my pretty babies were in my hands a week and a half later. Pretty good timing considering they're coming all the way from Japan! So here are the 2 new additions to my ever growing shoe family. They may feel like outsiders at first, but no worries, they'll feel right at home in no time!

I got the package on Monday and I wore these silver ones the next day. I'm contemplating when/wear/how to wear the pink ones as their definitely the most out there out of all my shoes. Nevertheless, I think their utterly fab and I feel like a spice girl when I wear them. I also have a strong urge to babble fake Japanese and make peace signs to everyone. I'll spare you the Harajuku girl poses...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"If you haven't anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Didn't wear this to school, but went out in it at night.
Okay I can't lie, I wore this, took pictures, then changed. I really didn't feel like getting jokes about my fringe top hurled at me the whole night by one of my narrow minded friends.
Don't you hate it when some people joke about other people all the time, but can't take anything aimed at themselves. Urgh that just really drives me nuts!

What my picture spot uctaully looks like on a regular day basis. Didn't tidy it for you all, sorry.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm the lost cousin on Full House

What I actually wore on this very actual day. No delaying here, no sir-ee. I felt very 90's when I put this on, it must have been a combonation of the big shouldered blazer with the sneakers and gold chain... I can't say for sure. I took this picture 15 minutes before my class started, and it takes 25 minutes to drive there, pay the meter and walk to the building. Ohhh well, I'm not one for being early.
I feel I look kinda stumpy in this outfit, I guess that's why the concept of dresses over jeans has been outlawed...

I know y'all are eyeing my barbie house in the background, jellooous! One day I'll do a post on my love of barbie's... yes I'm 19 and yes I still play with barbies.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Packs a Punch

I wore this on... Thursday? I should definatly be posting outfits the day of, instead of waiting so long I can't remember when I wore them! The outfit's not too crayzay but I just really like my shoes. I actually feel like a superhero when I wear them. What would I do to amuse myself if I didn't have fashion...
Or my other 137 obsessions...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cravings: Satisfied

Thanks for the great comments on the photoshoot everyone, I'm glad you all liked it! Even though there was all positive feedback, I'm a little sad that nobody wanted to give any guesses... were the outfits really that un-food-y? Well whether you had no guesses or you were just too scared to post them, I'm going to reveal them to you now! Note: Make sure you are not hungry before scrolling down!

Outfit #1: S'more

This outfit was mostly about the layers of colours, starting with the tan towel I'm sitting on for the graham cracker, then the white shoes and jeans for the marshmello, then a brown cheetah print tunic and wooden jewelry for the chocolate, then topping it all off with a floppy straw hat for the top graham cracker. Can't you just hear that crackling campfire?

Outfit #2: Fish

I personally never eat fish, it's gross, but hey I though it would make a cool outift! Basically just silver everywhere, and my cage skirt for the gills. My strappy shoes were also to show the gills and scales effect. We took it by the pool to show to the natural habitat...

Oufit #3+4: Sushi

This one's probably my favourite because there's so many components to it! The white ruffled vest is the rice, layered with a printed skirt worn as a top to show the little bits of vegtables and other things stuffed in a sushi roll. And finally everything's tightly bundled in some nice, shiny black lame material for the seaweed wrap. Another component to this picture is the more posh, snobby pose. Don't you find that people try to brag about going out to eat sushi, like "I'm so exotic and well cultured cuz I like to eat raw fish." Riiiiiight...

Outfit #5: Ice Cream Cone Ooo, oo, I love this one. I think this was the first outfit I put together in my mind. I love it, I totally would wear this out. The layered dress it obviously the ice cream, I wanted to use the puffiest dress I had so I would get a bigger proportion on top. The fishnet stockings are for the waffle cone, I crossed my legs like that to get that overall cone shape... ahhh the details! Finally you gotta top it off with a cute red hat for the cherry. You can NEVER forget the cherry on top!

Outfit #6: BananaThis outfit looks totally bangin, I'd wear this outfit any day! Although my friend looks much better in it than I probably would! I used an oversized yellow skirt and flipped it upsidedown with a belt, to give a paperbag look. *Fun Idea to try at home alert!* It's supposed to look like an opened banana. See it? Do ya?

Just to through it out there, my friend actually is not interested in fashion AT ALL. Not saying she dresses horibbly or anything, but she does love her abercrombie. She is actually really into photography so we make a great team! None of my friends are actually into fashion, so you all will just have to be my fashion friends!!*Crazy, creepy smile*

You know you want to!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Crave...

As promised, I've got an extra special post today! A few weeks ago my friend and I did a photo shoot outside. We'd been planning it out for a while, the outfits, the concept etc. I'm really proud of it, as well as another photo shoot we've done in the past... but let's save that for another day!
Without explaining it too much, the concept is basically "outfits that look like food". We tried to put together clothes that you would wear in real life, but when you take a second look it looks like a food item!
Think French in Grease as a "beautiful, blonde pineapple"! HA!
We tried to think through the colours, textures and style quite in depth, so I hope at least a little of that shines through! Try to guess which outfit is what food and leave them in the comments. Enjoy!
(click to see full size!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My hot, sexy, cup of tea

I've never really been one for pretty boys. You know the type: tall, perfect features, muscles galore. Yeaaah, doesn't really do it for me. Me, I likes them skinny, well dressed, and a with more "unique" face. Then again, I'm not too particular, and even my closest friends can rarely spot a guy that would be "my type". Just like music, I'm into all sorts! But no, the perfect, handsome men are not for me. Unless you take say... Robert Pattinson!!!

Wow, this new picture I found of this sculpted-by-God piece of art just knocked my socks off. Can you say sexy?!? Not only is linked to Harry Potter (He's Cedric Diggory yo!), but he's also starring in Twilight coming out this November. Yes I know that Twilight isn't exactly a literary masterpiece (it was Meyer's first ever attempt at a novel), but I can't help bringing out the inner 15 year old in me when it comes to the lovey parts in the book. Ah, Robert you truly are supernaturally gorgeous!

He also in is Nylon's Street style book from a few years ago, which is cool cuz it was before he got famous from Harry Potter. I just love his style, it's pretty classic yet not too polished. It just seems like he knows exactly what to put together to get that perfect balance between style and non-chalance. Plus, that incredible smile ain't a bad accessory!

--P.s.- Make sure to check back Fri/Sat for a extra special post!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fell out of love only to fall back in

Only 2 full days of school have passed and already I'm feeling stressed! I get stressed out way too easily, I swear I'm going to have a meltdown before I'm 20 I just know it! I'll try to just take it easy, come what may, ya know? So basically I'll post whenever I can, I don't want to push myself when I'm already a big bag of nerves. I'd rather have sporadic, good posts than a lame post everyday. Raise your hand if you disagree!

Anyways, what's on my mind lately is haircuts. I want one. I'm very bored with my hair, even though I've wanted it to be as long as possible since I was like 12 and right now it's about half way down my back. There's this guy in one of my classes that has hair to, like, his bum. I swear, he could be the 6th member of Dragonforce.

So. Jealous.
If I was to get any haircut I'd want to get something more out there. When someone has a unique, well styled haircut, I think of it like an accessory. A contribution to the outfit as a whole. When I do my hair the same every day (aka not doing anything to it at all), it just well, boring. This is so far the haircut that's stuck in my mind (girl on the right [Hel-looks). I'd like to see if I can find more pictures of a similar cut, at different angles as well. I think it would be good for me because my hair is naturally straight so it wouldn't take much work in the mornings to get it done!
Note: I don't know what up with her teeth either. Is that spinach?
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