Monday, October 27, 2008

Give it to me baby, yeah!

I can't believe I'm writing a blog post right now. You would think that I'd be sick of the computer as I've been sitting in front of it all weekend to get a paper done, but Noooo! I'm still going at it!

I've been working on a DIY project ever so slowly for the past few weeks but now I've finished so everyone look at it and love it! I'm sure you WILL love it because you've seen it all before. Yes, I do copy-cat-crafts to get out of buying the real thing. This time I really wanted the Camera Necklace from the Paraphernalia shop on Etsy. Love at first site... as well as second sight when I saw it on Kirsty. I've conquered imitation at the 3rd degree but in my defense I used my own methods so the result isn't nearly as fab as the real thing.
The reason I didn't buy the necklace on Paraphernalia was because I wanted it on a longer chain. I like necklaces over sized, so I figured out a way to make another version with the same concept.
To make the actual camera I had to ask good ol' Grandpa for a favour. I got him to cut out a piece of thin flat wood in the right shape, then I sanded it down to make it extra smooth and light. I got him to make 2 because it was highly probable that I would make mistakes.
I brought the wooden shape home and painted it with several layers of white acrylic paint, then basically just drew on the details with a black Sharpie. To top off my total unprofessionalism with this project, I had to recall what an old-fashioned, non-digital camera looks like. The Internet wasn't available so improvisation was key!

I used small keychain rings to attach the camera to a long chain, they had to be relatively large rings because of the thickness of the wood. I put some Japanese writing on the side of the design, really just to fill space. I would like to state that I have no clue what this text says, I just copied some writing from one of my Japanese fashion mags. See? Total and utter ignorance!


Click Click Click! Loves it, ooh give it to me, yes! Ohhhh yeah, there involves some hyperactive photographer role play when wearing this. C'mon, it's impossible not to play it up!

Friday, October 24, 2008

You smell Japanese!

Midterms are here if anyone hasn't already guessed, this week has been horribly busy for me. Panic attacks have been a common event as of Monday. But all is good, the hectic-ness has passed for now (besides a paper due Tuesday) and I've got post ideas coming out the wazoo (am I the only one who finds that phrase hilarious!?). The movie extra thing last week went pretty well, I woke up 20 minutes before I had to leave so my outfit wasn't as cray-zay as I would have liked, although the skirt I wore was bangin, everyone loved it! All this talking is pretty much to avoid the truth... that I don't have any pictures for you! Sorrrrrry, like I said I was running out the door like a mad woman, I was late for sure! I will tell you that my hair looked awesome, I cut a piece of scrap fabric and tied it around my head in a knot and it ended up looking like a bow. Supa cute! I'm going to try that out again sometime this week.
I've been putting off this for a while but I'd like to share with you all a little promotional thing I agreed to put on the blog. A company promotion the new Harajuku Lovers perfume asked if I'd like to try out some samples and mention it on my blog. I said yes, because really I can't say no to a freebee. I thought I was just going to get a few of those tiny vial samples that you get at department stores, but boy was I wrong! It was like Christmas when I got the package, there was so much stuff! Here's a lovely photo of all the stuff I got.
In case you haven't really heard of this new Harajuku Lovers perfume collection, there's a different scent for each: Love, Angel, Music, Baby, as well as G for Gwen. They're all unique but a little similar so they all would be good as a set. Love is floral, very girly, Angel is really fruity/citrus-y, smells a lot like pineapple, Music has a hint of sweetness, but also musky, good for everyday wear, Baby has a hint of baby powder, very clean and fresh. But my favourite would have to be Gwen, it's very tropical and has the scent of coconut, yet not too strong.

I love how there's different characters and their personalities all correspond to their scent. Lovely packaging as well, I absolutely can't get enough of the ads, they're way too cute!
Note the latex knee highs, Selina blogged about them a while back. I want them.
I forgot to include this cute charm bracelet in the group photo, it's so cute. The thing is that I'll actually want to wear it because the girls are just so dang cute.

I hope I haven't bored you all, but I thought the perfume was all really nice and it was cool that they chose me to do a review. Also I think I overused the word cute a wee bit in this post... maybe change all the "cute"s to "kawaii"s. Less annoying? No, didn't think so.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rock me like a Hurricane

Whoopwoo, high fives all around! I can't beleive anyone guessed the song title from yesterday's post, I thought A*teens were pretty much unexistent to anyone but me and my little brother who constantly rocked out to YTV's Big Fun Party mix. Ahh, good times....
And speaking of rocking, I'm going to be an extra in a movie this weekend and I'm supposed to dress like a "80's rocker". It's just a small film, my friend is acting in it and she asked if I wanted to be an extra this weekend. When she said the scene takes place in the 80's I was like "sweeeeet, I'm in!!" I never pass up an occasion to dress up (even on the weekend before exams...), it's just too dang fun! Basically I need an incredibly sweet outfit and y'all need to help me out! The director told me "80's rocker, or just anything 80's" so I'm thinkin the rocker look will be the most fun. The scene is in a recording studio so I assume the rock look will be more appropriate.
Here's some pictures I've gathered up in the last 5 minutes, as I'm actually babysitting right now so I really shouldn't be creating ellaborate graphics while the kids are burning a hole in livingroom carpet. Deal with it.
Feel free to give me some ideas that will be overthetop and ultra fun. Wish me luck, will let you all know how it went!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upside down, bouncing off the ceiling

Today I wore my yellow tulip skirt upsidedown, like the banana outfit from the photoshoot. So fun right?! I think it looks way cool, like a slouchy bubble skirt with a paperbag waist... all my favourites! After my first class I got up and it felt like skirt slipped down off the belt, I was so freaked! Luckily the skirt was still in place, I hadn't just yet flashed my classemates. I just couldn't feel the skirt fabric because of my numb butt, which matched my calculus OD'ed mind.


Have you ever tried wearing something in a different way? I know Susie's done cardigans as skirts, and another blogger (who I just can't remember now, sorry!) wore a bat wing top as harem pants.. how brilliant is that!? I mean, this could totally cut spending habits in half! When you need something new just toss on an old pair of jeans on your head and call it a hat! Okay that may be taking it a bit too far but, you get what I'm saying. What other items of clothing can have a double usage???

----> Whoever can name the Artist of the song in the title will get a cyber high five from me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally, Secondhand Smokin' !

In the beginning of summer I started buying things to resell on eBay. I mean, I find cute things all the time that don't fit me, might as well make some profit off of my incredible thrifting skills (...HA)! Anyone who's been reading for a few months now might remember me saying that I wanted to list my stuff by the end of July. Welllll, it's not quite July but I've finally done it! I'm literally the least punctual person I know, I do everything in my own sweet time. Whatever, at least I'm reliably late!
I love everything I found, but they either A) Didn't fit me (the more probable reason) or B) Liked it but didn't see myself wearing it often.


I got my amazingly-tall-and-skinny friend to model the clothes for me, she's such a doll! She's pretty shy and modest but I coached her up to be a top model, HA! Anyone coached by me probably wouldn't even make the top 1000! Nevertheless she's frikin' adorable and almost everything fit her (curse her thin Asian body!). The one item that we couldn't squeeze her into was this really cool bubble-hemmed sweater. I forced my other friend, who was doing the photography, to pose for that item! Ooooh she hated that, but I think she looked so cute!
I've listed these 9 items as my "store": Secondhand Smokin'. Geddit? Smokin' hot... secondhand clothes... whatever, it makes sense in my head! For some reason only 8 items are showing up as listed, and of course it's my favourite item, an adorable floral skater dress. This is the first time I've ever tried to sell on eBay, so please don't laugh at my pathetic newbie attempt. Okay, you can giggle quietly, for my descriptions are horribly corny and I'm truly sorry for that!
Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon, in the meantime CHECK OUT THE STUFF! If anyones interested and wants to ask a question about any of the items, you can leave it in the comments here or just email me @
Happy Bidding!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Every cloud has a jersey grey lining!

It rained all day today so I wore my bright orange trench to brighten things up a bit. I found the little tank top thing in my closet that I haven't worn for a while, but I love it so I'd thought I'd give it a go. I'm really fond of pink lately, yet I'm probably the least girly girl I know. Pants get so boring though, that's probably the main reason why I wear a lot of skirts and dresses.

Check out the special effect on the pic below. Waoh! My camera was doing funny things today...

A girl sitting beside me in my english class turned to me today and said " I know this might sound creepy but I really love your style". She said that she notices my outfits everyday and likes them a lot. I was kind of taken back by this, and I only heard about half of what she was saying because I was a bit confused. People never say that kind of stuff to me! I get a compliment here and there but never full on admiration. She was really sweet and I don't think that it was creepy at all how she approched me, it was just really nice! It's so handy how a compliment can break the barrier between silence and the beginning of a conversation. I can be shy when I meet people at first so I'm thankful for anything to start up a convo! After all, who says friendships can't be based on superficial things!
Also on a completly different note, the rain drops on my grey jersey leggings gave me a DIY idea today... so stay tuned for that!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mickey Mouse Club

A few things:

1) Seriously, I didn't realize I was making so many faces until I scrolled through the pictures.
2) I KNEW I would wear this shirt someday!
3) Can anyone even tell I got a haircut?

That is all.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look Familya?

Mine, from here. Hers from Facehunter.

I guess that's what happens when you buy from places like H&M, the same styles are circulated around the globe. In a book read called Fashion Victim, the author called this "McFashion", where you can go into a store anywhere in the world and there are the exact same clothes there as in your home town (like McDonald's). You know exactly what your going to get when you go in, which is cheap, mass produced junk to get your fill, in this case fashion fill. All of that put aside, I still love H&M... and my flower printed tights.
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