Friday, April 25, 2008

Fashion in Jeopardy

Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy featured a "Fashion Designer" category. I was so excited that I might be able to get a question right for once! I quickly grabbed my camera to catch the clip.

The show ended before they could finish the category, so only 3 questions. I thought the same as the woman, I guessed Ralph Lauren for number two.
Oh well, at least my losing streak wasn't broken...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thrift Shopping

Yesterday I went over to Value Village to put off studying, and because I haven't bought anything new in ages. I wandered around for quite a while because I was looking for some descent high-waisted denim shorts for summer, but of course, no luck. I always find the best stuff when I'm not looking for something particular. Anyways I found a few other things, I'm especially glad that I found this shiny black skirt. I've been looking for one to tuck into t-shirts.

You may notice that I've got a little jungle theme going on, just thought I'd make the shots a bit more interesting!

And finally this cute denim jumper. I knew when I saw it that it would never fit, but it was so cute so I bought it anyways. It's got the perfect length for straps and the skirt is in a tulip shape, hopefully I'll find it a good home.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The List"

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but when I was in junior high everybody made a "top ten", basically a list of the top ten guys or girls that you would want to go out with. Oh, so scandelous! Anyways, I had never made any of those lists when I was younger (as I really didn't care much about boys) so I think that's why now I'm always making these little lists in my head at my age.
And so, I offiically announced a new addition to "The List"...
Micheal Seater!
Some of you may know this 21-year-old Canadian from Life With Derek if you happen to be 12 or just watch way too many kid's shows like me. I've never taken notice to him in the show before because he looks nothing like he does in real life. I stumbled across some pictures of him in his personal attire and now I'm completly hooked! I'm mostly attracted to how he may dress "weird" to his fans, aka the kids who watch his show on family channel, yet he seems really confident with himself and his look.

I do notice that his style isn't completly original, but any guy who collects big nerd glasses will always be admired by me!

I LOVE those jeans.

All pictures from

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's old is new again

I was doing some spring cleaning today, organizing my junk and going through some old boxes. I found a big tub of mine and my brothers' old clothes that were supposed to be sold at a garage sale years ago. I went through it and found some pretty sweet stuff! I know that these clothes are litterally for 5 year-olds but I don't care, they make cute cut-off tees.
Don't worry, I plan to wear them with a top underneath!

Some Minnie and Mickey...

And some crocadile thing...

I love cartoon t-shirts, I just hope I don't look completly crazy walking around in these.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blueberries and Peaches

I love checking out the Japanese site Style Arena, where lots of pictures are updated weekly. Here you can find street style shots from all over Tokyo, with the looks ranging quite a lot considering they're all in the same city! Definitely a great place for inspiration.

I just love this shot. That blue is just electrifying. This makes me want to start layering on a bunch of the same colour.

What cute glasses as well. Those blue-purple contacts match perfectly!

LOVE these pants. The colour is what makes the whole outfit. I actually just bought some peach leggings about a week ago, the colour's identical to the jeans this guys wearing. It's a nice softer colour, but pops out with blacks and whites.
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