Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm just a holy fool

I was mulling over whether or not I wanted to post my outfit from the other day, and decided to post it as part of my "transitioning into spring" wardrobe. As you might be able to see from the photos below, it feels more like fall at the moment as it's been dull and gray almost every day since the snow has melted. My spring outfits have mostly been based on black jeans and layers, but here's me trying to do something different...
1_2 DIY customized denim vest, Father Yod American Apparel tshirt, thrifted pleated mini skirt, Dad's socks, thirfted fake Docs.
I want to try and tackle the midi-skirt, as you all well know I'm the black maxi queen and I never shy away from a short dress or skirt either. This outfit is just a starting attempt for the midi, as you can see my legs are actually horribly pale so I'm in no rush to hike up the hemlines just yet.
I didn't really do much that day, just bummed around, but it was quite cold out so I ended up layering on a flannel and my thrifted faux-leather jacket. I thrifted this green flannel for a DIY project, but it's so soft and oversized I'm starting to become attached! I don't know if I can bare to chop it up!
Image1 I wish I could get some kind of beehive pouf hairdo going on, I think it would look rad with my dark brows and heavy winged eyeliner. For now my little bit of fun for my look was via this bright pink lipstick. I learnt lipliner is my best frend with a strong colour, and do not underestimate a good cheap lippy (this one is Wet and Wild, and I LOVE IT).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's been a long time but now I'm back in town

OH HI harpersbazaargaga Gagaloo in Harpers Bazaar, graphic made by me

So I'm done school for now, and have a few weeks before summer classes start! I'm really excited for this summer because the last two I spent travelling, and I'm actually looking forward to have a REAL summer with my friends doing summery things (how many times can I use the word summer in one sentance, apparently that's my goal to find out). I've got a long list of things I want to do, like keep a garden in my backyard, try out a million new recipes, and maybe do a few photoshoots. Obviously, summer plans wouldn't be complete without a MASSIVE list of DIYs, ammirite?? Image1 All unknown sources (sorry!) except for the one in the middle, from Kristabel's blog

You didn't think my love of black just ends with warmer weather did you? I am dedicated to my dark side, and it looks like I'm craving a lot of drapey and interesting details for some future projects. I want to made a lattered t-shirt body con dress, kind of like the one in the top left corner, sheer skirts with interesting hemlines, lace-up details, drapey poncho-type shirts, grey jersey pencil skirt with lots of room for scrunching, and maybe even a mexican rug jacket to look stylish in any outdoorsy activities (camping?). Can't wait to get started, let the summer of domesticity COMMENCE!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Harvest of sorrow

So exams/paper/assignment season is here, so I'm feeling really out of it and just can't wait to be done and enjoy spring! I mean, the sun is actually finally OUT, and I've got new sunnies in the mail, life is good. Here are a few outfits from the past week. I wore this one to go out with a few friends, although I admit I chickened out last minute and ditched the 6inch boots... I do want to try to wear them more often though (as in, more than just to Lady Gaga concerts). The lipstick is the Topshop one I talked about before, and I ended up using black eyeliner for lipliner... it's that dark! I really liked wearing it though. DPP_0005 Shirt is army deadstock from a secondhand store in the U.S (channeling Simon from Misfits, hell yeah!), Topshop black jeans, Sam Edelman boots, thrifted leather blazer. DPP_0007 DPP_0008 This is what I wore the other day, just to school, etc. These boots are newly thrifted and AMAZING, couldn't beleive it when I saw them! They obviously belonged to some thin-legged goth, the ankle is tiny on these things! Whatever, suffer for fashion. Plus, I'm always up for adding new members to my clucky black boots collection. DPP_0009 DIY spiked and studded vest (haven't seen it around here in a while, huh), thrifted sweatshirt and boots. DPP_0010 And what's that peeking out from under the sweatshirt? Oh yeah, just my BOY LONDON body con mini!! This is one of the things I bought at Sick in London, I mean... I couldn't resist. It's so tight and so short but WHATEVER I'll make it work. DPP_0013 Close up of the print, the BOY logo DPP_0012 So that's it for now, I'll be all wrapped up with school by this Tuesday, and a few weeks later I'll most likely be starting summer courses (just one or two classes to make the school year course load a little lighter). Talk to you soon when I'm FREEEEE
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