Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plug-in Baby

I'm not really technology crazy, but I am pretty excited about my new phone. I got it a few days ago, and it's pretty much like having a PC in your hands. One of the best features: it has a really good camera! I used it to take the pictures below. Very handy, as me and my old camera are no longer speaking. Our friendship is officially over, he really just wasn't there for me.
Okay, maybe that does make me sound like a techno-nut.

Another DIY, peeps! I think all the crafts are finally getting out of my system. Usually I'm just itching to go home and make something but now the DIY urge is simmering down a bit. Don't worry, it's not gone for good! I made this headband really quickly before running out to dance, I think it looks mad cute! Totally Minnie Mouse, I love it.
Although the project bug is slowly crawling away, I've been thinking of putting some stuff up on Etsy. I figured since I need to save some money, and I'm always making things anyways, maybe some people would want to buy some of the junk I make.

So what do you think? Would you think starting an Etsy store would be worthwhile? Pick on this poll! If you would consider buying anything that I've made in the past, let me know what it would be by leaving a comment! Thanks for the feedback <3
Would you consider buying any projects you've seen on this blog?
Yeah, I'd buy for sure!
Probably. It would depend on how much it would cost me.
Probably not, because I can just make it myself!
Probably not, I don't like anything enough to buy. free polls

Monday, February 23, 2009

Never buying underwear again

If you are like me and absolutely despise having to buy underwear, then I recomend making your own. I'm almost positive this is the most satifying thing one can do in 30 minutes.
Yup, I'm pretty sure

Thank you Threadbanger, I cannot live without you. My week revolves around thy sacred Wednesdays and Fridays. And thank you for this wonderous tutorial. Because really, this was the best Valentine gift I got.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

If you lose me then you know, your just a bit too slow

I've scored so many secondhand things lately, thought I'd show them off. Here are some of them, in the form of a dress-up photoshoot....

Nothing new here, just testing out my spike leggings. God, I love them. I met a group of 12 year old girls at Tim Hortens last week who totally dug them. Nice.

These are amazing pants, found them a few weeks ago. It came in a set with a matching bomber-type jacket. I'll probably re-work the jacket, but I'm so happy with these pants I don't care if I'll ever wear the other half.

Yes, I feel completly guilty about buying these blatent Chloe rip-offs from Payless. They're way to comortable though, and I'm beginning to wear them with everything...

This is the sweetest find in a long time. A huge, sailor, pleated top thingy. So freaking amazing. I feel like Sailor Moon, or Sailor Mercury rather (she was my fav).

Wednesday Adams born-again, this time a bit more fun. I wore this the other day to go bridemaid dress shopping (ew). I think you can see which side of the "treggings debate" I take...

A bit of self-indulgence here. If I've got one thing to say, it's LOVE YOURSELF. Consider this your weekend challenge: take 10 minutes to stop and think of all the things your good at. Trust me, you will be surprised to find how amazing you are and how much you have to give. Remember to always see the positive, love every moment of your life, and make everything FUN! Everything can have a positive side, sometimes you just gotta dig a little!

If that didn't inspire you, this wonderful peach dress will. Another sweet find, only 8 dollars Canadian! It's so lovely, and the little cape reminds me of what Sandy from Grease wore to the school dance. You know what I'm talking about. I know you've watched Grease 100 times learning the dance moves and singing along. C'mon, just admit it...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want fabulous, that is my simple request

Quoting HSM lyrics, oh yeah, I went there.
I've been looking around for a new bathing suit lately seeing as summer is coming up soon. No, it's not really soon. I think I'm just fooling myself into beleiving it is. School, be done already! Usually by the time I find a suit I like, summer's half way over. Oh yeah, I'm getting a head start this year.
I really want to find the perfect retro swimsuit

Errrm, okay not that retro.

I'm thinking a cute little pin-up number, something in the 40's or 50's style. I love rockabilly swimwear, it's so adorable and I like that it's not too skimpy. Really, do I need a tiny swimsuit after a whole winter of sitting inside? The answer is no.

I think I could pull off a two-piece, but I want one with high waisted bottoms. All the better to disguise the tum-tum...

1) Stepanka - Etsy
2) Baby Girl Boutique
3) My Baby Jo
4) Baby Girl Boutique

A onesie would be ideal, I love the cut of these:

1) Delias
2) My Baby Jo
3) BettieB - Etsy
4) Baby Girl Boutique
5) Delias

A printed onesie would be cute, although this would probably be the only time I would go for polka-dots

1) Delias
2) My Baby Jo
3) Baby Girl Boutique
4) Fables by Barrie - Etsy
5) Miss Braches - Etsy
6) Pin-up Girl Clothing

A trend that I'll never be over: Nautical. I love these cute little sailor swimsuits. I want them all!

1) Stepanka - Etsy

2) Pin-up Girl Clothing

3) Stepanka - Etsy

4) Fables by Barrie - Etsy

Who knew swimsuit shopping could be so fun?! Definately less agonizing when you're not actually trying them on. Thank God for the internet!

(Picture 1 from here)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Put me in a coma, woke up in the future

What I wore the other day. Really, if I had my own functioning camera outfit posts would not be such a sporatic occasion. Enjoy it while you can.
Loving up my homemade knitted chain scarf....
Confusing people with the panelled leggings. Many people gravitated towards these today, I'm not sure why but it seemed hard for them to get their heads around...

Trying out the new measure tape belt....
Measure tape belt?
Aaarg, I caved! I bought the cheapo belt on Girl Props out of uncontrollable desire. In my defence, the original reason for the order was to get my friend some robot jewely for her birthday and I just happened to tack it on at the end.
...Along with a few other things.
I know, I'm so naughty.

I got this sweet ring, although I found out afterwards they also had "BAM" and "POW" rings. I could have gotten them to match my shoes! Also got some HE-UGE doorknockers similar to these, I think I just like anything tacky and obnoxious.
I've still got a pile of "to-do" clothes for DIY, repair, customizing and what have you. So be expecting some more crafty posts soon. My spring break is only a week and a half away so PERHAPS I will tackle some of the pile then. Spring break already? Classes only re-started a month ago... though I'm not complaining! Bring on the Break!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hurt me so good

My list of crushes is getting much too long. Why God, why must you create such beautiful creatures that I have no chance of ever meeting?

I die.

Jethro Cave, my new love. Seriously dude, you and your dad are welcome to come over any time. I'll whip up a chili while you stand as my eye candy and your Dad performs some of that magical music of his.


If only.
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