Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"We wanted to sound like a malfunctioning computer."

Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of activity around here. My computer's internet hasn't been working so I'm getting a little behind here. I'm also trying to get some stuff on ebay real soon so I've been slightly distracted (also by the looming task of uni registration, ahh!).
I took some photos in the garage today, I thought it would look cool with all the clutter and with the sun shining through the window. And to think, the only thing I did today in this outfit was walk into the library for a total of 30 seconds.
What a waste ...

p.s-Who else watched the HP teaser trailer tonight? Two words: Ah-Mazing!

Monday, July 21, 2008

When Two Worlds Collide

Other than fashion, Harry Potter would probably be my next biggest obsession. Don't really go together right? There's recently been a batch of pictures released for the next movie, including one that especially caught my eye...
This outfit Malfoy's wearing is pretty much exactly the same as the one Gareth Pugh wore in a photo shoot with Agnes Deyn in July's issue of US Vogue!

Slim black suit, black turtleneck, shiny pointy-toed oxfords, slick hair, it's all there!

Who says wizards and high fashion don't mix? Love it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pocahontas in da City

Yeah, more DIY! I made this fringe shirt/dress thing last week with just an old shirt and some scissors. I really like how it turned out, and I've worn it out twice already...with no stares! I thought everyone would give me a lot of greif for this one, but nobody really seems to care.

It was inspired by several things, but mostly by an amazing shot found on Hel Looks. Other things floating around in my head at the time included Maison Martin Margiela and Pocahontas.

Like I said, all you need is a big t-shirt and some (sharp) scissors to make this. All you do is cut, no sewing required. Here's what to do:
1) cut the front of your t-shirt like this (blue lines=cut, just incase you didn't guess!). ONLY the front, don't go all the way round to the back just yet.
2) Cut the back like this, in a halter shape. Remember to make the bottom cuts match up on the back and front.
3) This step is kinda optional, but it's easier if you do it. Use tape to mark out where a waist band will go, and also put tape on the top shoulder area.
4) Tape a waistband area on the back as well.
5) Now that you've got the basic shape cut out and the tape markers, all you gotta do is cut, cut, cut! Cut in sections so that you get each fringe/strip evenly shaped. Don't cut over the tape, it's there for a reason!
6) Here's how to do sections on the back.

7) Now cut even lines all over. Those first cuts should help to keep them straight and parralel.


Enjoy the fringe-y goodness. Belted or un-belted, any way rocks.

p.s.- Sorry for the Samara style hair, I was NOT lookin too hot that day.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shop With Me!

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to let everybody out there know that I'll be opening an eBay "store" (as in selling a bunch of stuff) very very soon. I took all the pictures today of the items listed and they're going to look great once they're all cropped and posted.
I'm aiming to have everying up in one week's time... lets say July 25 as the goal date. There is lots of good vintage stuff, so everyone should check it out!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Batman Returns

I'm sure by now almost all of you have noticed the rising popularity of the superhero references in fashion. There has been at least one editorial in almost every magazine including hero/heroine inspired looks and pieces. Another unmistakable piece of evidence of this trend was the "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" theme at the Costume gala in New York this year.

Personally, I've always had a thing for Batman. He's definitely my fave superhero, I can't count how many times I've watched Batman Forever when I was younger (though now my favorite seems to be Batman Returns). I squeezed myself into my brother's old batman costume for Halloween a few years back and since then I've had an increasing urge to wear more shiny black spandex...

Yes, all of this has a point... A very crafty point! I wanted to do something with these cheap shoes I bought about a year ago, as they had this icky fake wood effect on the wedge. I loved the top patent part of the shoes so I thought the best bet would be to just try to cover up the wedge section.

I'm not exactly sure how I got this idea, I'm pretty sure I was just drifting off to sleep when it struck me (where all my best thinking occurs!). I was thinking about those cheesy sound effect words that always poped up in the old Batman T.V. show. Man, those are the good times. You know what I mean? Every time somebody got punched or kicked, a "Boom" or "Kapow" would flash across the screen?

So I decided that a sound-effect would look pretty cool on the back of my ugly wedges. I painted the wedge section of the shoes with acrylic white paint, about 4 coats. Then I made 2 graphics on my handy dandy Jasc Photoshop and printed them out. I used Modge Podge to stick them on, then finished it off with some clear spray paint.

I think they look pretty rockin and at least I'll actually wear those shoes now (I literally wore them one time before). Now the next time I'm going beat someone up or save the day, it will have the full superhero effect!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Subconscious Blogger

An older man at my work asked me today what a blog was. I tried to explain it the best I could but I thought it was funny how it came out of nowhere. I think that there are those who read blogs and really love them, and then there are those who barely know what one is. I've been in the "blog scene" for about 2 years and it's totally changed my perspective on a lot of things.
One one side, I definately have an improved respect for fashion and designers. I've learned so much, it's really opened me up to another world! I can see style all over the globe just by clicking my mouse, I no longer have to wait anxiously for my next Teen Vogue as my only source of inspiration. All these things are great, but the world of blogs has also had some negative effects on me. The biggest trouble is that now I know SO much more about fashion, I've become overly judgemental when it comes to things like trends and personal style. Nowadays, it's really hard for me to like something in stores unless it's trendy or I've seen it on someone else. I over-analyze things to the point where I no longer like something just the way it is. My goal, especially with this, my own blog, is to be able to love fashion without being a slave to trends. I want to re-discover my own style and be comfortable with what I like and not care what means to anybody else.

Hopefully in time, I won't do anything like this again:
Last week I went to this warehouse store and went shopping mad. I tried on a million things, and ended up buying a good chunk of them. When I was falling asleep that night I discovered something: Most of my purchases where carbon copies from other bloggers. Oh my gah, I've gone mental and didn't even know it! I still love what I bought, but I feel really weird knowing that I was such a zombie shopper... and a copy-cat!
Here's a parka that's just like the one Rumi has. I feel a bit less ashamed knowing that it's really practical and I'll probably wear it tons.

"Inspired" by Selina: double U bandage dress. Mine's got cute little snaps on the back!

A chunky clear belt that's not at all un-Susie-ish

Elastic bandage skirt that is much like the top of Queen Michelle's dress hybrid project.

So sorry to you bloggers out there, whose style I've shamefully duplicated. Really, this is my wake-up call!
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