Thursday, May 26, 2011

As long as I'm your hooker

(prepare yourself for Born This Way lyric titles for a verrrry long time, k)

I know summer is the time when most of us fashion bloggers try to lay off the black and try to incorporate some c o l o u r into our wardrobes, but to be honest I have no intention of giving up my black ensembles for hot weather. Lately I noticed I've been wearing a lot of all black outfits which are ultra simple, and just having fun with my hair and nails.
1 Don't I look like I'm having fun?
Example: a week and a half ago came the return of the claw nails! I found some ultra long glue-on nails from the drugstore and filed them into shape. For the first day I just wore them as is:
Then I did a half moon design with white and this amazing seafoam green. Then used a glitter nail art brush around the half moon, and later added a few gems and pearls on just my ring finger and pinkie... just for fun. I was hugely impressed with how long these nails stayed on actually, it was a whole week before one came off!
I call them my mermaid nails ^o^, I'm kind of fascinated with mermaids atm (anyone seen Pirates 4? Wondering if it's worth the suffering just to see my gorgeous Gemma Ward as a mermaid...).
Next I had a little fun with my hair... make that A LOT of fun. That's right dudes, I went for the beehive.
This massive bouffant is courtesy of my good friend Ms. Hilton. I found these jank-ass Paris Hilton hairpieces on sale for $5 at Sally's Beauty Supply, and knew they'd be perfect to use for the beehive I'd been dreaming of. Hair DIY, wut wut!!
2 (2)
It's supposed to be be like a headband with hair attached, so it's like a half wig with combs underneath that help it stay put on your head. I backcombed some of the hairpiece before I used it, just to get that extra massive pouf (oh yes!). All I did was section of the front of my hair, backcomb it a little, place the hairpiece along the part, then pull the front section of hair over the hairpieces and pin it in place at the nape of the neck. Basically like this youtube video.
2_6 I actually like how you can see the blonde underneath, although really that's just because I was pinning my hair back blindly. And there you have it!

p.s.- Although I did go out with this hair, I didn't actually wear these stripper boots. I just felt like wearing them for the pictures!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

There's a fire starting in my heart

Ooooops, apparently I've completely forgotten about this here blog! 3 weeks no post, really not cool. I've added an archive button on my sidebar, so if this kind of thing happens again then feel free to browse through some old posts (they're really good! haha)
Aaaanyways, I've just realized that this past weekend I've been all about the MOM JEANS.
Isabel has already expressed her love of this forgotten fashion statement (statement, trend, horrible mistake, WHATEVS) and I've also been a fan for a while. Remember this washed out black pair I was going to turn into shorts? I've recently rediscovered them in a big way. What I love about them is that they're super high rise so I can wear crop tops with them this summer without any tum on display. Double win!
Three different Mom jean outfits from the past few days:
Out with Andrew, checking out a crazy thrift store I've never been to before. So cheap, and got some good stuff I'll show in time! I felt really tomboy-ish in this outfit, but the lace bodysuit I wore under the crop top did girlify it a bit. I wore my white creepers for the first time in a loooong time, I think they look cool without the laces no?
Top - thrifted and cut off by me, lace body - H&M, random necklaces, creepers - Demonia from
Wore this out for drinks that night. Basically too lazy to put a proper outfit together, so I went for my tried and trusted python print and some platform boots.
5 Top - secondhand off eBay, boots - Aldo
6 I wore this today after spending half the day in bed, catching up on Degrassi (I'm SO behind). Then there was a bit of a family dinner so I had to throw something on. Glad I made an effort... not.
1 Cardi - unknown, Hawaiian crop top - Topshop.
I've already got my next post planned, so I PROMISE I'll see you soon!
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