Monday, December 29, 2008

Peace out Santa, thanks for nothing!

The holidays are over, finished as fast as they started. Not to be a Scrouge but Christmas was kind of lame this year. I didn't really want anything big so there wasn't any anticipation for my presents. I did get a couple CDs that I wanted, but besides that I didn't really care. I know the holidays are not all about presents, but even the family events were pretty boring. I'll skip the details, basically overall not the best Christmas ever.
My special surprise from Santa? My camera deciding to be completely uncooperative and now it a useless heap of metal, yey! Maybe I'll see if I can get it fixed, maybe I'll use it as a paperweight. I'm not very bothered because I didn't pay for it. It used to be my dad's then I swiped it when he got a new one. I just can't see myself spending 600 bucks on a camera that will probably die in year. I'd rather have some Marni heels, please.
Christmas eve we poped in my Grandparents house before going to yet another holiday party. My Grandpa's dog had puppies about 6 weeks ago and I hadn't seen them since they were born. Even though they were so tiny and cute before, they're way more freakin adorable now! Holy goodness, I though I was going to cry. I couldn't handle the cuteness.


Like I said, my camera doesn't work so these are from my dad's camera. I didn't want to take outfit pictures with his, too weird trying to explain them, so there's a side view of what I wore Chistmas eve. Here are some HORRIBLE quality webcam pics from my laptop, I really thought the camera on this thing would be better. Oh well, you get the jist of what I was wearing.

Dress - Erin Featherston for Target, Dress unterneath - Winners, Necklaces - Misc., Shiny satin leggings - H&M
I felt this outfit looked very Chanel, or maybe that's just me pretending to be chic. I guess we'll never know.
Hope you all had a great holiday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bouncy bouncy, ooo such a good time!

Family gathering number one... check.
Eating countless Christmas cookies... check
Starting my 12 page paper.... not so much.
As you can tell by, I've planned out my holiday schedule quite nicely. A very balanced plan I'd say, there's only one time of the year where everyone is expected to do nothing and just eat. That time is now.
Alas, I've got to get some work going, that paper ain't gunna write itself. Unless I went to Hogwarts and then I'd just use a charm to write it. Then again, I probably wouldn't even know the right spell to do it... Enough rambling! The library closes tomorow for the holidays so I'm going to get a move on. Here's what I wore to family gathering number one.

The tights did confuse many people yesterday, the small-town folk aren't used to these kinds of complex garments. Everyone though I was wearing 2 pairs of tights, and every time I reached down to show them it was just one pair. Then I would remind myself NOT to flash the relatives, we don't we needed any of that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I went to the Jingle Bell rock tour last night, featuring copious amounts of acts including DJ Mike Realm, Sebastian Granger, The Dears, Tokyo Police Club and Metric. I don't want to go that much into it because I'm pretty ticked off at the whole situation. The ticket said 7pm... that means the concert starts at 7 right? APPARENTLY NOT! My friend and I got there at 7:20 because we didn't care to see the DJ and found out that the concert started at 6! We missed the DJ, Sebastian and part of the Deers. We. were. pissed. My friend was especially choked because she's probably the biggest Death from above fan ever and wanted to see Sebastian Granger so badly. One thing that did perk us up was that Sebastian was selling his own merchandise! How cool is that? She bought one of his shirts off him and ran back to her car in the freezing cold (-42 celcius... I kid you not) to get his album to sign, while I was happily inside munching on popcorn... her popcorn to boot. I'm the bestest friend ever, non?
Here's some cruddy pictures from the show. I hate being any further than the floor, I need space to get my groove on!
Tokyo Police Club...

Metric, the headlining band. You could tell most people were there for them, girls kept screaming "I love you Emily!". I will admit, her outfit was pretty freakin' sweet. Bondage dresses look so good on girls with no curves.

I really wasn't in the "concert-going mood" yesterday so the show really wasn't anything special. I've already seen Metric once before and I don't really like TPC or the Deers, so I wasn't peeing my pants with excitement or anything. To tell you the truth I was more interested in my outfit. I felt like a faerie. Always a good thing, I say!
I wore my old ballet skirt from when I was about 7 years old, it's got a wonderful shape and colour. I even got a compliment from a stranger, some woman said it was "so fun". Awww, I love random compliments!

Here's the outift after the show, sans tights or shoes. I wore my superhero heels (got a stranger-compliment on those too actually!). Something is wrong with my camera/memory card/karma. Pictures get deleted for no reason, and some load on my computer all wonky. Anyone else have a Canon camera who hates you? Join the club.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Share and Tell

Hai y'allz, I done exams now! I've still got a HE-UGE paper due when I go back to school but that's a whiles a way right? That means start the day before I go back right? Yup, that sounds about right.
Today I wanna throw at you all something a bit different. I wanted to post a few of my drawings, I don't know what you readers like... maybe you'll like drawings posts, perhaps there will be no comments and everyone will remove Nice and Shiny from their favourites. It's worth a try, some people may like my sketches. I've been drawing pretty much my whole life, the third grade was when I was especially obsessed. Back then I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, but my Mom kinda killed it when she told me that artists don't make much money... way to inspire your kid's creativity, Mom! Some of you may have seen some of my drawings already, I did a sketch for The Stylish Wanderer and used a picture of Tavi to sketch for my bookmark button here on my blog (check the sidebar on the left!).

(clickey to make big-big!)

This one I found in my sketchbook, it was done about two years ago. I've always thought to was just so sweet and delicate.

This ones from over a year ago, a stereotypical emo boy. I thought it was funny. And yes, I do realize that "rhyme" is misspelled.

This is a recent one, a sketch of Gareth Pugh taking a bow after on of his runway shows. An entire show of mind-boggling, earth shattering awesomeness and the picture that sticks with me the most is the designer coming out at the end in jeans and a t-shirt. I dunno, there's just something so fascinating to me about the person behind the clothes, especially with Pugh's work. I'd love to get in his head just for a day...

God, I want his bondage trousers.
Santa please bring me some sexy goth gear.
Thanks big time.

Monday, December 8, 2008

New York Dolls

If you haven't visited New York Couture yet, you really should head on over. This small clothing label established in... well, where else, New York, has my style written all over it. I would gladly take anything and everything from New York couture, my favourites including the frilly hot pants and dresses featuring owls, pandas, and snakes!

I had the website on my favourites list for a long time, but happily rediscovered it a few days ago. Just in time too, they've got a 4 year anaversay sale going on. The clothes are very reasonably priced indeed, not that they need an atractive price tag... they had me at tighty-whitey tutus.

The photoshoot gallery is rich with lovely eye-candy. I could click away for days.
These shiny bow leggings will me mine. No question, I will get them someday, somehow.

I can see M.I.A. having a healthy dose of NYC in her wardrobe. What can I say, I'm not over neons, sparkles, or any other seizure-inducing fabrics just yet. I'll still be rocking lamé looks when I'm 82.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Looks Familz?

From Facehunter, in Indonesia.

I guess I'm not the only one who DOESN'T think these shoes are hideous. I really need to crack mine out more often...

Christmas gethering go-ers: Beware.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's about blinkin' time!

As I've become a professional procrastinator, it's in my job title to put things of for weeks, or even months when I'm really on top of my game. So now you see why I haven't responded from my tag by the Stylish Wanderer way back in October. Silly readers, it wasn't an accident, I'm simply showing off my best asset: delaying things as long as humanly possible!
This tag is a really fun one, started by the awesome Roxanne at Pandora's Closet. Basically you go to your iPod/MP3 player/iTunes/whatever, put it on shuffle, and create an outfit that reflects the song that popped up! No cheating! The first song is the song you've got to use, I don't care if it's Barney's Hit Parade! Create your look around the song and work it out!
I vowed to myself that I would be honest, the more random the song, the more interesting the outfit. Here's what I got when pressed the shuffle button on my pod...

How's that for random? This is the only song I have by The Academy Is... and it's a remix! I'm not into the whole whiney, "pop-punk" situation so I was extremely tempted to try again an pretend the first attempt never happened. But I'm an honest gal so I went over to trusty ol' Google Images to see what I could scrounge up for "The Academy Is..."

It turns out the lead singer is pretty dang hot! I'm all for androgyny, and this guy's really workin' it! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, a little plaid here, a black blazer there, and don't forget the faded drainpipes. Behold my masterpiece!

Okay so I've got the scragly emo boy look down, but the song IS a Teddybears Remix. Don't think I've forgotted that, check out these bad boys!

Ohhoho, I am so amused by what I come up with sometimes, so simple yet so very very perfect!

The next "tagee's" are Tavi, Hannah, Friends and Lovers, and Snazzy Ana! Good Luck!!

Note - I was going to tag Steph from Fashion Robot, but sadly she's decided to close down her blog. I'll really miss you girl, and your incredible clothes, style, and confidence that inspires us all! Good luck in the future, hope to hear from you! <3<3<3
Note #2 - Photobucket is dumb! Will get these photo difficulties fixed up asap!
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