Saturday, July 3, 2010

But the back seat of the drive-in is so lonely without you

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Everyday outfit. Kind of boring. Do you people like seeing my everyday outfits? Even if they're less than exciting and taken in my laundry room? Hmmmm...
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I cannot take credit for this bandana idea... although wearing a bandana isn't really some kind of original concept, but what I'm saying is I had some inspiration behind it! My friend pulled into my house the other day (before helping me search for my bro's runnaway chihuahua for 2 hours. FUNTIMES) wearing a bandana like this. I thought it looked so killer, and while I was thinking this was the inspiration, she said it was Isabel of Hipster Musings who was behind the idea. I will say, Isabel does rock a headscarf like no other!
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This outfit was kind of a denim-on-denim attempt. I like how the colours are all quite similar from head to toe, which I'm actually only noticing now. Really, I'm no good at colour co-ordinating.
I didn't make an outfit speech bubble (do we like those?) but if you're curious: denim vest - DIY, t shirt - thrifted, shorts - thrifted, bandana - I don't know... dollar store?, and shoes - Aldo.
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The shoes. An iffy subject. I like them, yet at the same time I fully realize that they're kind of ugly and unflattering. They remind me a bit of the kind of Margiela wedges we saw a few years back, and I kind of like the gathering in the front and the fact that they're made of grey jersey fabric. Whatever, they were on sale so no harm done if they really are hideous.
This is kind of o/t but I cleaned and re-organized my sewing room yesterday so I wanted to show you all my amazing accomplishment. Really, this was quite a feat. If you don't beleive me, see for yourself:
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I actually stopped crafting in there because it got so bad. I started bringing supplies upstairs and scattering my mess around the house, haha! Hopefully I'll get back to doing some sewing projects now that I've got a more bearable space to work in.
Oh and I also wanted to give everyone an update on my summer plans, for those who are curious. I started to talk about some of them in a post before I took a little blogging break, and those plans are still on! On July 10th, just six days away, I'll be off to Toronto to see one of my biggest inspirations: Lady Gaga. I know I mention her a lot on the blog but I've never actually said why I love her so much. Maybe after the concert I'll do a huge Gaga post? Yesssss. I'll also be seeing another special person in Toronto... scratch that, TWO more special people! Wow I'm a lucky lady, so much excitement in so little time. I feel like I'm going to barf... in a good way.
So after the Toronto excitement I'm coming home for a few days so I can see my friends over my birthday (July 14th... my 21st birthday fyi) before next heading off to LONDON... that's England, not Ontario. Like last summer, I'm going to be on a kind of working holiday, but this time I'll be staying for much longer, about 5 months, so it's really going to be a different experience. I can't wait to actually settle in and LIVE rather than feeling rushed about, finding a flat, job, etc. only to be going home 6 weeks later. I realize that last summer I didn't blog much while in London but THIS time I plan on posting a lot more. We'll talk about that stuff later, for now just leave me a nice little comment and I'll have a happy end to my weekend :)

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