Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love, I don't get enough of it

Eeeeek, hey guys! It's been a while! At least this absence was pre-announced (unlike most of my lazy blogging breaks) and I know you all have been DYING to see pictures and hear about my trip.... right? Unlucky for you, I'm not the best at storytelling or recollecting details, but I shall do my best!
As some of you may know, this wasn't my first visit to England. I lived and worked in London during the summer of 2009, and last summer I went again to do the same kind of working holiday but decided to come home early. The main goal for this trip was 1) visit my bestie who's studying in England, 2) give my travelling buddy the full London experience, as he's never even left Canada before, and 3) To see the Brit-pop group The Saturdays... the last reason being the most shamefull, but hey, at least I'm honest!
This post will cover the first 3 days, the second with the next 3 days, and the final post will be of the last 4 days... just to let you know, it will essentially be a photodump as there's a lot to cover. I'll try and guide you through my trip day-by-day, hopefully without being too boring...

We left Winnipeg the morning of the 16th, then had a 6+ hour wait in Toronto before getting on the plane again for London. With the travel time and time difference, we arrived in London the morning of the 17th and we were, unsuprisingly, extremely tired. We took the tube from Heathrow to our hostel, and sat down for some good ol' English brekkie while waiting to get into our room.
It's funny, whenever I arrive back in London it feels like I never left. I get really sentimental about seeing all the familiar things, and the smells just take me right back to my first London experiences. I don't consider myself an expert on the city or anything, but I really do feel like London is my second home now... being in big cities can be quite hectic and stressful sometimes, but I love it all and I've definately caught the travel bug since experiencing living in another country... I want to see more!
Carrying on! So after we got into our room we ended up just crashing for like 3 hours. Got up, got ready, went to see The Sats! Let me just say I know it's extremely uncool to be in love with The Saturdays, but I really can't help it... I just can't get enough!
So yeah, this is what I wore: Boy London jacket, thrifted and chopped dress, tights, and H&M wedges.
5275526178_fed65e0880_b As you can see, I decided I needed a bit more colour and FUN to this outfit... in the form of pink hair tips. I bought some spray in stuff and wanted it as baby pink as I could get it. It wasn't flourescent, but it wasn't really a powdery pink. Still, it was fun while it lasted!
The dress is actually pretty great, but you can't see it properly here so I took a quick snap of it at home today. It has sheer sleeves with this piping details on the neckline and shoulders, very Alexander Wang.
The concert was really good, but the crowd seemed a little less than enthusiastic, not sure why? I was jumping up and dancing the whole time, hahah. When it was over we pretty much went straight back to our room and went to bed. Again, we were tired.

Our second day I though we should hit up the Southbank, London Bridge, Big Ben, etc. I really love the Southbank area actually, it's so nice to just stroll along there on a nice day.
While planning the trip, we talked about maybe going to a TV taping to be in the audience. There are a bunch of sites that you can apply though to get free tickets to be in the audience of shows, so we just applied to whatever we could and crossed our fingers. Lucky enough we got a hold of some tickets to be in the audience of Peaches Geldof's new show OMG! with Peaches Geldof (which, according to their FB page, premieres tomorrow). I'm not particularly a fan of hers, but really we just wanted to go for the experience. The show was kind of like a loose chat/gossip/audience participation program, which was alright... I'm sure they'll edit it down to make it a lot more entertaining (they taped for about 2 hours!). Any Brits who want to try and catch the show and maybe see me in the audience, I'll be in the 2nd episode of the series, on ITV2!
The show's taping was at the ITV studios which was near Waterloo station, so the whole day was spent in that general area. I think it was almost 7pm when it was finished taping, so I assume we went back to our hostel and had dinner or something (I really can't remember!).

More touristy stuff on our third day. We decided to go to the Tower of London, which was fine by me as I never did much of this kind of thing when I've been in London in the past. Sneaky tourist/outfit picture anyone? Wearing thrifted hat, blazer, flannel, t-shirt, bag, and creepers. Gloves from Jacob, and jeans from Urban Outfitters.
Goth lollies in the gift shop
It was raining a bit and quite cold that day, so we didn't stay there too long. In the evening we wanted to get a start on our shopping and decided to go to Westfield mall. We went to Jamie's Italian for dinner, partially so I could brag about it to by baby brother who LOVES Jamie Oliver... oh who am I kidding, I love him too!
Excuse the nasty hair here, this was after a day of hat-head and rain!
Hopefully you guys feel ~well informed~ after this post, and are excited to see the next 2 posts. I'm going to try not to drag this out, as (tbh) this stuff is already geting pretty stale in my head (sorting though hundreds of pictures doesn't help, either). Come back for part 2 and 3 later this week!

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