Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm good, I'm gone

The next 3 days of my trip most definately had the most pictures, as it was the most major shopping days AND we were in Sweden! This was my first time in Sweden, and even though it's not one of the most popular tourist stops for a Euro trip, I really wanted to visit and felt like I would really enjoy it there. We'll get to that in a bit, first I'll tell you about my last day in London...
The day before we left for Sweden ended up being our final day in London (as we decided to just chill in Plymouth for the final 4 days), but I made the most of it and it ended up being my favourite day of the trip. I ventured out by myself for most of the day, and although I already knew that I prefer going at things alone, that day I just especially enjoyed my freedom... just the chance to wander around, look around at the beautiful city, and do whatever I felt like doing! I was sent on a little mission by Andrew to hunt down and buy anything Boy London (remember my new biker jacket from a few posts back?) that I could get my hands on, so that was my only real goal for the day.
With a little internet searching, I found out my best bet to find some good Boy London would be in a shop called Sick in East London, just off of Brick Lane. It was a Sunday, so I decided to stop by Old Spitalfields Market first on the way over. I had been there before, but not on a Sunday (just to check out the Doc Martens shop) so I didn't experience the full chaos of the hundreds of stalls and people all squashed into one square. I didn't end up buying anything but it was still really enjoyable, and really half the fun is just the experience and seeing all the amazing stuff to look at...
(Didn't take many pictures, as a lot of the stalls didn't allow them)
Afterwards I headed straight to Sick, which definately not dissapoint in their Boy London selection. Most of their BL stuff was the new, re-issued pieces, but they did have a few originals mixed in.
I mean, really. I was dying. The girl working there was really amazing, and guided my through their BL stock. It was a small shop, but definately had a great selection. The top floor was like a Boy London museum with some select vintage pieces in the mix, while the floor below felt like the basement of your best friend's cool older sister, who has the most envy-inducing collection of clothes, knick knacks, and music paraphernalia.
These shoes!! I mean, have any of us really gotten over our Spice Girl obsessions? I don't think so.
Case in point:
DPP_0007 ALSO!!
I bought a few things from Sick, which I'll show you in due time.
Next I wandered down Brick Lane for a bit and went into a few places, like Beyond Retro, but it was getting late and most of the shops close pretty early.
How cute are these animal charms I saw in a shop window?
There was a vintage market on an upper floor of some building, so I went for a wander before it closed up. Lots of good stuff, but I spent enough at Sick so I had to restrain myself...
Tiniest, cutest leather jacket I've ever seen!
Okay that was only one day and waaaaaaaaay too many pictures, so I think I should just put all the rest in the next post. Next up: Sweden and Plymouth!

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