Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm gunna drink my tears tonight

I haven't done any kind of sponsered product review in a long time, so I was really excited when I got an email from a online hair tools retailer called Misikko, asking me to review one of their top selling flat irons! Misikko carries all kinds of different kinds of hair tools with a range of prices and model types, so you can bet they have what you're looking for. Hair irons, blow dryers, and even top of the line proffesional tools. I have naturally straight hair, but I like to use a flat iron once and a while to get that extra smooth and straight look. My old flat iron was pretty good, but I've had it for years and has seen better days. Misikko sent me the Hana proffesional flat iron... in pink! How fun! Not many people would guess this, but pink is actually my favourite colour. I normally wouldn't mention the packaging, but just look how nice the package was that I got my straightener in! How sweet, I felt so spoiled. DPP_0004 DPP_0005 The iron itself is really nice, and I love that it has a rounded shape which comes in handy if you use your flat iron to curl your hair as well (more on that in a bit). You can adjust the heat on this flat iron, and the instruction booklet shows just what temperature to set it at depending on your hair type (I never knew what to set it on with my old one!). I timed how long it took to warm up, and it took just under a minute, I was shocked! Plus there's a little light that flashes when the iron is ready, which really comes in handy.

Okay, now to test it out! This is what my hair looks like when I let it air dry and don't brush it either. On the description for this iron, it says you can use it on damp hair, so to test out this claim I started straightening before my hair was completely dry. DPP_0006 DPP_0007 Half way done! See how frizzy my hair looks when I brush it out (the right side)? DPP_0008 Done! After using my old iron for years, I really forgot what it was like to get hair like this. It was PIN STRAIGHT... a bit too straight tbh, so after wards I backcombed the roots a bit and used a bit of hairspray to give it a bit of texture. DPP_0009 I've never been able to do it successfully, but I really wanted to test out how well this iron would be when I tried curling my hair with it. You can find tutorials on Youtube of how to curl your hair with a flat iron, but I think it's key to experiment a lot in order to get it right. But I'm happy to say I finally got it! Before: washed the day before, no product, and air dried. DPP_0010 DPP_0011 I got some really nice, smooth curls with this thing! Some of them looked better than others, so I brushed out the curls to get a nice wavy look instead. I think it looks pretty good, especially considering it took less than 10 minutes total! DPP_0012 I know I'm not a beauty or hair expert, but speaking as an average consumer I really liked this flat iron and couldn't really point out any major flaws. I'm excited to keep experimenting with it, and try out a few more curling techniques. Thanks again to Misikko! Just so there's a bit of clothes in this post, here's what I wore out the night I used the iron to straighten my hair. DPP_0001

My favourite leopard print tights somehow got a hole in them, then when I pulled them on the hole got HUGE. I decided to just wear them like that anyways, haha!

I looooove this amazing cropped sweater I thrifted a while ago (it had a feather trim neckline, but I cut it off). Long, slight bell sleeve shape, and the fabric is just too weird and too good. DPP_0003 Part Alexander Wang, part Liv Tyler in Empire Records. LOVE crop_ref DPP_0002

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