Friday, March 18, 2011

Not everybody getting money spending money

I just realized I've got a few outfit shots stashed away, so I'll quickly share before I dash off to go babysit (yes, on a Friday. Why do I agree to these things?? Oh yeah, cos I'm desperate for money...p.s.- I ordered a pair of shoes online today...p.p.s.- they weren't cheap...p.p.p.s- oops)

This is an outfit I threw on going back to class the day after I got back from London. Sometimes the simplist, most slapdash outfits really are the best.
DPP_0002DPP_0003 (what is that face... lets call it "the silent nun")
Boy London moto jacket, H&M black maxi dress, snood was a Christmas gift, leopard tights off eBay, thrifted faux Doc Martens

Then I wore this last week to reconnect with my blogging bestie Andrew of Pull Teeth (did everyone see his sexy new Boy London tee??). Although this outfit is essentially just black jeans and a white button up, I just really love it. It's all about this necklace/bodychain I got from Monki in Sweden. I think/hope its a body chain... I don't actually know for sure, but that's how I've been wearing it!
Also this leather blazer! I don't think I've shown it off here before? Most amazing cut, couldn't beleive my eyes when I saw it at Value Village. And it was $20, which for a thrift is pretty steep, but I mean, the thing is just too good to be true!
Thrifted leather blazer, thrifted white shirt, Monki body chain, black skinny jeans from Topshop, Jeffrey Campbell "mummy" wedges

ALSO! You may or may have not noticed, but I reached 500 blog followers! How amazing is that, thank you guys so much! Seriously I cannot even comprehend how many people really read my blog when in my head I think there's only a handful of you (I'm talkin about you commenters, you all get gold stars). But thanks to everyone who reads, comments, follows, tweets, you all are soooooo amazing. And to celebrate, why not buy something from my shop? Bahaha, jk guys... actually no, please buy something. It's so dead over there.

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