Monday, March 14, 2011

I do my own thing when the phone rings

I didn't buy too much in England, but I did have a few makeup things on my list that I knew I had to get. At the top of my list was LASHES! I only started getting into false eyelashes about two months ago, because I've tried them out a few times in the past but just couldn't get them on right for the life of me! Following the instructions to a t, they still ended up looking wonky or falling off in two seconds. Finally I found a way of putting them on that works for me, in this Youtube video (this girl is amazing, btw). I also found that cutting the lashes to fit my tiny shrimp eyes is VERY IMPORTANT. When in doubt, cut more. And also, I found that waiting 30 seconds for the glue to get sticky was just too long with the lash glue I was using... it dried up really fast, so putting the lashes on when the glue was still a bit wet helped.
I don't know why I'm trying to give you guys beauty tips right now, all I wanted to do was just show you what I bought!
So every girl in England is in love with the Girls Aloud lashes by Eylure, so I knew that with this newfound lashlove I had to stock up on a few pairs to bring home with me. I bought the Nadine and Cheryl ones at Superdrug, which I don't think are the newest style but I just really liked them anyway. When I met up with my friend later that day, he had bought me the Nicola lashes as Nicola is my fav out of the girls... how nice!
I'm also big into lipsticks right now. I knew I wanted to check out the Barry M colours, as I knew that they carry a lot of really pigmented and unusual shades. Now, I know a lot of people think it's horrible, but I love a good orange lip. Not Halloween orange, but I love corals and anything with an orangey hue. I had heard good things about Barry M's orange lipstick so I'm going to give it a go, even just to wear mixed with other colours. It's a bit on the dry side, but I prefer a lipstick to be a bit drier rather than ultra moisturizing. I find really "wet" lipsticks to just slide all over, and sometimes highlights the cracks in your lips, whereas a drier colour kind of "sticks" and goes on more evenly.
The same goes for the Topshop lipstick I bought: a bit on the dry side, but still really good. I wanted to buy this shade, called "vamp", as soon as the Topshop makeup line launched last summer but for some reason I just kept humming and hawing and never ended up buying it before I left England last September. It's similar to the Revlon shade I bought not too long ago, but the Revlon one I think is too slippery, which is especially problematic with a dark shade.
The super cool packaging is a major plus for the Topshop lipstick as well, AND it smells just like berries! The colour itself it a purpley, berry-stained colour, but has a red tinge to it so it kind of reminds me of dried blood when it's on... which sounds horrible, but I love it, haha!
When I got home I also bought the new Lady Gaga Viva Glam lipstick, which is a taupe kind of colour. I haven't gotten to test this one out yet properly, but like first Gaga MAC lipstick it goes on really smooth and smells heavenly.
In other costmetics-related news, I got gel nails last week! I wanted to get them as round as possible, which apparently is a pretty difficult request. It was pretty hilarious actually, I told the woman who did my nails beforehand that I wanted super round gels, then when she got to the shaping stage I kept telling her "rounder... more round... like an oval!". She eventually gave up and handed me off to another girl to finish them off, haha! Here's what they looked like right after I got them done, but the au natural look didn't last long as I was dying to mess them up and stick stuff on them! I started out with matte black all over, with gems only on the thumbs. I've had these for a few days now, and I'm ready to get a bit crazier!

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