Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your earrings bamboo, your long nails too

The weather in Winnipeg is a little wierd right now: it's not exactly spring with all the snow still heaped on the sidewalks, but it's definately not winter any more with a few warm(ish) days and lots of sunshine. This has made getting dressed especially boring... I'm sick of sweaters, but can't exactly break out the floral mini dressed just yet. So I've been chanelling my creativity onto my nails instead, and I mentioned a few posts back how eager I was to try some 3D nail designs.
I bought a few things at the dollar store that I figured might come in handy. All you really need is nail glue, tweezers, and some stuff to stick on your nails! The 3D nail QUEEN Selina of Flying Saucer has some great tips on her blog, go check them out!
Let me just say that it was really hard trying to come up with some interesting ideas that actually matched my clothing style, and not all sUpEr KaWaIi~~. NOT to say that I don't love all that super girly, tacky, Japanese street style inspired stuff... I just know that it doesn't really suit me any more.
With that in mind, these two ideas I tried out ARE extremely out of my style bracket... but I just couldn't resist!
I'm not sure how I thought of this or why I did it, but since I don't have any nail art beads I guess I just really wanted to try using sprinkles!
Yes spinkles. As in, on a cupcake. Kind of reminiscent of the A Million Little Pieces book cover, no?
I started out with the lovely lilac Revlon shade I used when I had the claw nails (remember that??)
Then I put a clear polish over top and dropped the sprinkles on top, around the cuticles. Then I used about 3 more coats of clear polish on top... still, that didn't stop water from getting in the cracks and making it all run and fall apart... but hey, the 6 hours I had them on was fun while it lasted!
This next style I started out last night, and finished today. I first used two coats of this very 80s looking powdered pink shade I found in my mom's stash. Then I used 2 more coats on top of this milky topcoat I had, to make it more of a nude, creamy pink. I would have preffered it to look less pink than this, but whatevs... I didn't feel like going out and buying a new colour.
Then I took the pearl stickers from the dollar store and some crystals I bought at a craft store and just glued them on. Even though they're still not "me", I still quite like them!
What do you think, 3D nails still a bit too tacky for you? Or if you have any ideas that would be better suited for a 90's pseudo-goth like myself, then let me know!

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