Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I must be myself, respect my youth

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Jeez, does it look like I'm packing for a funeral or what?

Oh haaaaai. Wanted to say a quick goodbye before jetting off, as I only just realized that I won't be blogging at all while I'm away. I'm not bringing my laptop, and frankly don't know how I'm going to survive but I'm going to just try to enjoy the experience technology free! ... Well, almost. I'm planning on getting in a bit of internet-checking here and there, but no blogging, so make sure to follow me on Twitter and keep up with me on there!
Not sure yet on my plans for London Fashion Week, but if worse comes to worse and no tickets pop up I suppose I'll be checking out exhibitions, and just walking around amongst the ~beautiful people~. Camera will never leave my side, so expect lots of pictures from the whole trip!
I'm really looking forward to my two days in Stockholm (a few posts back I said I was going to Gothenburg, but there was a change of plans) and just having a nice, relaxing time with no stress (traveling alone = fine, travelling with others = stress, ALWAYS). Talk to you when I'm back on the 27th, wish me luck!!

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