Thursday, April 7, 2011

Harvest of sorrow

So exams/paper/assignment season is here, so I'm feeling really out of it and just can't wait to be done and enjoy spring! I mean, the sun is actually finally OUT, and I've got new sunnies in the mail, life is good. Here are a few outfits from the past week. I wore this one to go out with a few friends, although I admit I chickened out last minute and ditched the 6inch boots... I do want to try to wear them more often though (as in, more than just to Lady Gaga concerts). The lipstick is the Topshop one I talked about before, and I ended up using black eyeliner for lipliner... it's that dark! I really liked wearing it though. DPP_0005 Shirt is army deadstock from a secondhand store in the U.S (channeling Simon from Misfits, hell yeah!), Topshop black jeans, Sam Edelman boots, thrifted leather blazer. DPP_0007 DPP_0008 This is what I wore the other day, just to school, etc. These boots are newly thrifted and AMAZING, couldn't beleive it when I saw them! They obviously belonged to some thin-legged goth, the ankle is tiny on these things! Whatever, suffer for fashion. Plus, I'm always up for adding new members to my clucky black boots collection. DPP_0009 DIY spiked and studded vest (haven't seen it around here in a while, huh), thrifted sweatshirt and boots. DPP_0010 And what's that peeking out from under the sweatshirt? Oh yeah, just my BOY LONDON body con mini!! This is one of the things I bought at Sick in London, I mean... I couldn't resist. It's so tight and so short but WHATEVER I'll make it work. DPP_0013 Close up of the print, the BOY logo DPP_0012 So that's it for now, I'll be all wrapped up with school by this Tuesday, and a few weeks later I'll most likely be starting summer courses (just one or two classes to make the school year course load a little lighter). Talk to you soon when I'm FREEEEE

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