Friday, January 29, 2010

Tears, stupid tears bring me down

I've done the unthinkable. Three days ago I dropped my camera in the toilet. Yup. Me. I did it.
Thank the LORD it was a flushed toilet, so I grabbed it out right away. I took out the memory card and battery and left them all to dry. In the morning it turned on but I couldn't view my pictures. I tried again today and now it won't even turn on. I'll recharge the battery and see what gives, but otherwise I'm camera-less for the time being. A camera is pretty much an extra limb for a blogger, so I feel pretty useless right now. Hate to do this, but I need y'all need to just bear with me, k? I'll figure something out...
And since I don't like having pictureless posts, here's one of me from a few weeks ago... in my basement... with the same outfit from the cape post... exciting, innit?

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