Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not everything is what you say it is, that's just the way it is

Blaaah. So, a week without a camera has been pretty suckish. I feel so bad about not updating at all buuuuuut I've got a cool post for this weekend which is BURSTING with picture-y goodness. Well... they're webcam pictures but for what they lack in quality they make up for in quantity. Wait, that's not really a good thing is it?
Anyways, here's what I wore yesterday. Crappy camera phone pics made crappier by the editing skills of yours truly. On the other hand, I recomend that everyone start wearing their skirts upside down. It's a very liberating experience, I feel very ~avant garde~ and edgy when I do such things. Like, "YEAH MY SKIRT IS UPSIDE DOWN, WHAT OF IT??". That's what I would say if someone asked but nobody cared so I just amused myself, really.

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blazer - Zara, tank - thrifted, belt - le chateau, skirt - thrifted, tights - express, socks - ???
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Taken in front of a bedsheet (which now acts as the door to my sewing room) from the era of my mom's southwestern decorating phase in the early 90's. I swear, our whole house was filled with potted cactii, pastel tones, and pictures of sombreroes. I kid you not.

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