Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My hot, sexy, cup of tea

I've never really been one for pretty boys. You know the type: tall, perfect features, muscles galore. Yeaaah, doesn't really do it for me. Me, I likes them skinny, well dressed, and a with more "unique" face. Then again, I'm not too particular, and even my closest friends can rarely spot a guy that would be "my type". Just like music, I'm into all sorts! But no, the perfect, handsome men are not for me. Unless you take say... Robert Pattinson!!!

Wow, this new picture I found of this sculpted-by-God piece of art just knocked my socks off. Can you say sexy?!? Not only is linked to Harry Potter (He's Cedric Diggory yo!), but he's also starring in Twilight coming out this November. Yes I know that Twilight isn't exactly a literary masterpiece (it was Meyer's first ever attempt at a novel), but I can't help bringing out the inner 15 year old in me when it comes to the lovey parts in the book. Ah, Robert you truly are supernaturally gorgeous!

He also in is Nylon's Street style book from a few years ago, which is cool cuz it was before he got famous from Harry Potter. I just love his style, it's pretty classic yet not too polished. It just seems like he knows exactly what to put together to get that perfect balance between style and non-chalance. Plus, that incredible smile ain't a bad accessory!

--P.s.- Make sure to check back Fri/Sat for a extra special post!

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