Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hop aboard the Double Decker bus!

I'm sure most of you ladies out there have a sweet spot for shoes. I am no exception to this. I try not to think of myself as one of those girls who claim to be "shoeaholics", boast about their 150 pairs of pumps, or have "shoe-gasims" on a regular basis (I can't remember where I heard this, it just sounds so stupid!), yet I will admit that a lovely pair of new heels will always have the ability to brighten my day.
A few weeks ago, Stephanie shared with us a great Japanese shoe store called Double Decker. After browsing around and seeing that they shipped to Canada, well, I just couldn't resist. Insane styles like wooden platforms, creeper boots, and studded sneakers are plentiful on DD, and their "any two pairs for $100" deal just makes the whole situation even more tempting. So without a moment to lose, 10 minutes after I read Stephanie's post, I had ordered 2 new pairs of shoes. Talk about an impulse buy.
After some confusion with the payment, my pretty babies were in my hands a week and a half later. Pretty good timing considering they're coming all the way from Japan! So here are the 2 new additions to my ever growing shoe family. They may feel like outsiders at first, but no worries, they'll feel right at home in no time!

I got the package on Monday and I wore these silver ones the next day. I'm contemplating when/wear/how to wear the pink ones as their definitely the most out there out of all my shoes. Nevertheless, I think their utterly fab and I feel like a spice girl when I wear them. I also have a strong urge to babble fake Japanese and make peace signs to everyone. I'll spare you the Harajuku girl poses...

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