Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cravings: Satisfied

Thanks for the great comments on the photoshoot everyone, I'm glad you all liked it! Even though there was all positive feedback, I'm a little sad that nobody wanted to give any guesses... were the outfits really that un-food-y? Well whether you had no guesses or you were just too scared to post them, I'm going to reveal them to you now! Note: Make sure you are not hungry before scrolling down!

Outfit #1: S'more

This outfit was mostly about the layers of colours, starting with the tan towel I'm sitting on for the graham cracker, then the white shoes and jeans for the marshmello, then a brown cheetah print tunic and wooden jewelry for the chocolate, then topping it all off with a floppy straw hat for the top graham cracker. Can't you just hear that crackling campfire?

Outfit #2: Fish

I personally never eat fish, it's gross, but hey I though it would make a cool outift! Basically just silver everywhere, and my cage skirt for the gills. My strappy shoes were also to show the gills and scales effect. We took it by the pool to show to the natural habitat...

Oufit #3+4: Sushi

This one's probably my favourite because there's so many components to it! The white ruffled vest is the rice, layered with a printed skirt worn as a top to show the little bits of vegtables and other things stuffed in a sushi roll. And finally everything's tightly bundled in some nice, shiny black lame material for the seaweed wrap. Another component to this picture is the more posh, snobby pose. Don't you find that people try to brag about going out to eat sushi, like "I'm so exotic and well cultured cuz I like to eat raw fish." Riiiiiight...

Outfit #5: Ice Cream Cone Ooo, oo, I love this one. I think this was the first outfit I put together in my mind. I love it, I totally would wear this out. The layered dress it obviously the ice cream, I wanted to use the puffiest dress I had so I would get a bigger proportion on top. The fishnet stockings are for the waffle cone, I crossed my legs like that to get that overall cone shape... ahhh the details! Finally you gotta top it off with a cute red hat for the cherry. You can NEVER forget the cherry on top!

Outfit #6: BananaThis outfit looks totally bangin, I'd wear this outfit any day! Although my friend looks much better in it than I probably would! I used an oversized yellow skirt and flipped it upsidedown with a belt, to give a paperbag look. *Fun Idea to try at home alert!* It's supposed to look like an opened banana. See it? Do ya?

Just to through it out there, my friend actually is not interested in fashion AT ALL. Not saying she dresses horibbly or anything, but she does love her abercrombie. She is actually really into photography so we make a great team! None of my friends are actually into fashion, so you all will just have to be my fashion friends!!*Crazy, creepy smile*

You know you want to!

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