Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm the lost cousin on Full House

What I actually wore on this very actual day. No delaying here, no sir-ee. I felt very 90's when I put this on, it must have been a combonation of the big shouldered blazer with the sneakers and gold chain... I can't say for sure. I took this picture 15 minutes before my class started, and it takes 25 minutes to drive there, pay the meter and walk to the building. Ohhh well, I'm not one for being early.
I feel I look kinda stumpy in this outfit, I guess that's why the concept of dresses over jeans has been outlawed...

I know y'all are eyeing my barbie house in the background, jellooous! One day I'll do a post on my love of barbie's... yes I'm 19 and yes I still play with barbies.

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