Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Crave...

As promised, I've got an extra special post today! A few weeks ago my friend and I did a photo shoot outside. We'd been planning it out for a while, the outfits, the concept etc. I'm really proud of it, as well as another photo shoot we've done in the past... but let's save that for another day!
Without explaining it too much, the concept is basically "outfits that look like food". We tried to put together clothes that you would wear in real life, but when you take a second look it looks like a food item!
Think French in Grease as a "beautiful, blonde pineapple"! HA!
We tried to think through the colours, textures and style quite in depth, so I hope at least a little of that shines through! Try to guess which outfit is what food and leave them in the comments. Enjoy!
(click to see full size!)

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