Monday, June 30, 2008

The Incredible Convertible Dress

I bought this pinafore dress last summer from ASOS, which I haven't worn until now. I liked how it had a lot of volume on the skirt... and that it was on sale. There where these little pockets on the front that I stitch-ripped off, it looked like an apron before!
Anyhow, I also discovered that it works perfectly as a skirt. Just tuck in the top part and you've got yourself a great new high waisted skirt. The dress has these two straps as well that can be tied in about 10 ways, to make it even more versatile. This will definitely be one of my summer staples.

The dress:

The skirt:

Just one way of tying it...

It's quite Miu Miu-ish now that I think about it. I'd like to try it out in that style too, complete with a frilly collar and sky-high heels.

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