Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Subconscious Blogger

An older man at my work asked me today what a blog was. I tried to explain it the best I could but I thought it was funny how it came out of nowhere. I think that there are those who read blogs and really love them, and then there are those who barely know what one is. I've been in the "blog scene" for about 2 years and it's totally changed my perspective on a lot of things.
One one side, I definately have an improved respect for fashion and designers. I've learned so much, it's really opened me up to another world! I can see style all over the globe just by clicking my mouse, I no longer have to wait anxiously for my next Teen Vogue as my only source of inspiration. All these things are great, but the world of blogs has also had some negative effects on me. The biggest trouble is that now I know SO much more about fashion, I've become overly judgemental when it comes to things like trends and personal style. Nowadays, it's really hard for me to like something in stores unless it's trendy or I've seen it on someone else. I over-analyze things to the point where I no longer like something just the way it is. My goal, especially with this, my own blog, is to be able to love fashion without being a slave to trends. I want to re-discover my own style and be comfortable with what I like and not care what means to anybody else.

Hopefully in time, I won't do anything like this again:
Last week I went to this warehouse store and went shopping mad. I tried on a million things, and ended up buying a good chunk of them. When I was falling asleep that night I discovered something: Most of my purchases where carbon copies from other bloggers. Oh my gah, I've gone mental and didn't even know it! I still love what I bought, but I feel really weird knowing that I was such a zombie shopper... and a copy-cat!
Here's a parka that's just like the one Rumi has. I feel a bit less ashamed knowing that it's really practical and I'll probably wear it tons.

"Inspired" by Selina: double U bandage dress. Mine's got cute little snaps on the back!

A chunky clear belt that's not at all un-Susie-ish

Elastic bandage skirt that is much like the top of Queen Michelle's dress hybrid project.

So sorry to you bloggers out there, whose style I've shamefully duplicated. Really, this is my wake-up call!

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