Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A friend once pointed out to methat I "like things that look like other things". I didn't realize it at the time but it's true, I love clothes that look like objects (There's probably a better word for this but I don't know what it is!). Fun, kitschy junk is my favourite, the cheesier the better!
For example, I have this fab bag from Fred Flare that looks like a record player (with built-in speakers... how fun is that!?). Here's some other stuff to illustrate my point:

This brings me to my next point... Jeremy Scott. Love him. He's known for his looks-like-something-else pieces. Whether it's a jukebox dress or cheeseburger skirt, I love it all! In Teen Vogue's March '08 issue, they featured a picture of Daisy Lowe sporting an amazing Jeremy Scott ruler skirt. As you could predict, it was love at first sight.

On the runway: Spring '08

I'm still looking for it on online stores but no luck there, though the price will probably just bring me even more pain. Something funny happened just the other day though while I was browsing around on GirlProps (don't ask why I was there!). There it was, in all it's kitschy glory, this ruler belt!

Coincidence? I guess we'll never know, but at 5.99 it's just a bit to cheapy for me. I sense a DIY coming on....

P.S- I also want to throw it out there that this garbage can dress is just plain awsome. Oscar the Grouch would be proud.

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