Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I was definitely not M.I.A!

Last Friday I went to the M.I.A concert, which I had been looking forward to for months! It was a really good show, and at one point she called people to come onstage! I went up and was jammin' like there's no tomorrow... good times.
Anyways, her wardrobe is what I want to discuss. I've always been a fan of hers not only for her music and strong personality, but also for her dress sense. She stuck to her classic leggings and baggy top combo with white chucks, taking the jacket off near the end to reveal a huge arm-hole tank with an Obama pin stuck to it. She also wore a sparkly gold hunting hat that matched the bomber. I thought she would have at least one wardrobe change throughout the show, but she just stuck to the one outfit.

View from on stage:

For my outfit, I really just wanted to be comfortable and have some fun. I didn't get a proper picture of it but it was close to this one that I tried a few days before.

I wore my silver sequined tennis shoes from UO instead, and I wore this thrifted tank top.

My friend wore my homemade Cassette Playa t-shirt that I made about a year ago that was in the "Galang" video.

I was shocked to also notice not a single pair of lame leggings in sight! Actually, there were very little people dressed in anything rave-ish, just a lot of boring scarves and concert tees. This is M.I.A people, have some fun with it!

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