Saturday, August 28, 2010

I believe in what I'm feeling

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Didn't make an outfit bubble because this outfit is so simple: Uniqlo denim t-shirt dress buttoned up all the way, black tights, thrifted boots and bag.
This is what I wore today. First to sit around in my room doing nothing, and then to check out the Doc Martens sale in Old Spitalfield Market, then come sit in my room some more... didn't really feel like "exploring the city" today. I do love this outfit even though it's remarkably simple for my style. My inspiration/mood for this look comes from a blogger named Japke, who has the most beautifully refined and quiet taste and whom I've loved for ages. Definitely check out her blog, it's so lovely to skim through especially when your feeling quite dreamy and Sunday afternoon-sy.
I also want to let everyone know that I've decided I want to head home early. It's not for some sad reason, it's not an emotional affair: I'm leaving happy! I really just feel like I've done and seen pretty much everything I wanted to when I was here last year, and I just feel like I'm not meant to be here right now. I'm still taking off a semester, and I think I'd rather just find a job at home and chill out for a while. Anyways, if anyone has any places/shops/events you think I should check out before I leave then let me know!

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