Monday, August 9, 2010

Yesterday I heard Heaven was getting full

I'm sitting here thinking "should I post... I should... but I have nothing good to post... but I hate letting old posts get all dusty... I should post." And so I'm posting, if for no other reason than to say HELLO my lovelies, and I miss you all. Even though I've had access to the internet lately I still feel quite detached from you all when I don't post. Alas, I shall bore you with my going-ons because I can't stand to be away from you any longer!

To keep you filled in on my living status right now, I've left my hostel and moved into my new flat just a few days ago. I'm waiting for my room to open up (the guy who's in it now is leaving Wednesday) so in the meantime I'm staying in a smaller room in the flat that just happened to be free. I really just didn't want to stay in a hostel any longer, 12 nights is more than enough!! Not that it was a bad hostel (best I've been to, actually) but it's horrible when you have nowhere to put your things and relax at the end of the day. Plus you have basically zero privacy, and incase you couldn't tell I do enjoy my alone time (blogging is a one person activity)! Anyways, so I've left the hostel and in my temp room in my permanent flat... all that there's left to do is find a job. It's kind of driving me insane, I keep looking and looking and applying any chance I get but no luck yet! Until further notice I'll be on the job hunt and using the rest of my energy to stay far away from Topshop. As you will see, that last pursuit hasn't been going too well:
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In my defence, I have visited almost all the Topshops in London and have been to the Oxford street location at least 6 times and this is all I've bought (plus one little 5 pound crop top on sale, but let's just ignore that)!
It actually feels really strange being in all these high street stores, shopping like a normal person as I have been so accustomed to pretty much only thrifting over the past few years... normal shopping just seems too easy, you know? I'm used to digging through piles of junk and sifting through rack after rack to find something good. With regular shopping it's just... there. Sitting there for you, ready to be bought in whatever size you want. IT'S TOO EASY, I tell ya!!
Anyways, excuse me while I finish off this box of tissues from my leaky faucet of a nose. This London air contains no actual air, and I think has given me some kind of throat/nose related illness. I'm hoping Hobnobs and black coffee will make it all better. Mmmmm. See ya!

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