Friday, July 30, 2010


Urrrm, so I starting working on this post last night because since I don't have any pictures or excitement to share with you, (walking around all sweaty, looking at flats all day is less-than-fab blogging material) I wanted make a run down of some of the things I realllllly want right now. This whole clock idea seemed cool in my head last night, but now... I don't know, haha! Anyways, what's important is what's inside!
I realized that there are a lot of things I'm looking for right now, as in specific items that I have in my head and visualize myself wearing. It's not untill I actually finished the collage that I realize a bit of a theme going on... black, black, and more black... oh and did I mention black? For the first time ever I'm finding myself attracted to simpler pieces that are.... as much as I despise the word... chic. I have NEVER felt the need to be dressed in a way that's feminine, relaxed, and yes, chic, but that's just the kind of mood I'm feeling right now. I guess this is what Fall looks like!
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12-2 o'clock: Topshop bra-top, Rayanne's bra-top from My So-Called Life, and Katy Rodriguez bra-top. Yes, I want a bra top. With high-waisted paperbag trousers, oh YES!
3-4 o'clock: I feel like I need more hats... I never wear them. I'd probably look like a fool in a bowler, but some girls just look amazing in them. One I think I could pull off is a felt scouts-style beret, yes? In green or black, please!
5 o'clock: Saw these leggings in Topshop yesterday. They have sheer panels. I mean...
6 o'clock: This skirt I saw in the H&M pre-fall style guide and I WANT. I love that it looks extra long and wide, so I'm sure it swishes around a lot when you walk. Need to keep digging around the H&Ms to find this!
7 o'clock: Baggy plaid shirt. Don't know why I don't own one. Really, there are none in Winnipeg thrift stores!
8-10 o'clock: A big, hairy/fuzzy/furry sweater! The more monsterous the better.
11 o'clock: Leather scoop gloves. Wanted to make these, but still haven't thrifted the perfect pair of leather gloves yet! May need to lift my leather ban and just buy these bad boys...

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