Saturday, February 27, 2010

There's no other superstar that I'll be

Sooo, how's everyone hangin' in there? Dying from school/work/life?? YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Everyday I'm getting closer and closer to ditching this continent and packing up for jolly ol' London, which sounds pretty damn good right now! Although when I get there and get settled into a crumby waitressing job I'll think that home sounds much better BUT STILL, I'm keeping my eye on the prize: London shopping, concerts, and hot British boys. Hellz to the yeaaaaahh.
Another goal that I've been kinda working on is taking more risks with my everyday attire. Maybe it's just those lousy old nostalgic feelings creepy in, but in high school I felt like I took more risks and pretty much wore whatever I liked. Maybe because high school is a much more contained and comfortable environment that university, but you'd think after the almost three years of uni that I'd be 100% settled in... but I guess not? I don't know, but I DO know that about half my closet needs to see the light of day more often, THIS skirt included:
skirt - DIY, t-shirt - H&M, denim shirt - Dad's, scarf - gift, boots - thrifted

I made this skirt about 2 months ago from a long, cotton t-shirt dress that I thrifted. To make it, basically all I did was cut off the top part of the dress, including the collar, cut off the sleeves and sewed the holes closed, then put in an elastic waistband on the top. Since the dress I used had an ugly graphic on it, I wear the skirt inside out so the graphic is on the inside. The seams don't really show so it looks fine even with the raw edges exposed.
I haven't gotten a chance to wear the skirt yet, but I fully intended to while I was making it! Obviously this thing begs to be gothed up, but I tied to keep it kind of basic with just a graphic tee, a scarf, and to girl-ify the look I threw in some pink lipstick (Lady Gaga for MAC) and blush. Namely, my inspirations were grunge (with the granny boots and oversized shirt) and Andrew from Kell on Earth... wanted to channel his flannel (OMG rhymez) but this denim thing was the closest I could find to plaid. Obviously this outfit isn't going to be blowing anyone's mind with it's overwhelming originality or theatrics, but I'm working in baby steps here... babysteps.
Any other outfit suggestions for a clued-out girl and her long-ass skirt??

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