Saturday, August 1, 2009

All of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys

This week has been extremely unproductive. My life has been reduced to drinking tea out of my Saturdays mug and searching around on Mmmm, tea. I've never like tea untill about a month ago, and now I'm drinking like 3 cups a day... and I don't crave coffee at all!! And I loooove mah coffee, so this just feels so so wrong. Like cheating on a lover.

Did I just write a whole paragraph about tea? Ummm, anyways...

I made another fringe top this week, this time grey. I know, one black and now one grey?! What can I say, I'm the adventurous type.
I made the top for a Threadbanger competition that I entered, so fingers crossed that I win!

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I've been kind of, I guess you could say, "cleaning" my room. Really I'm just sifting through all my lovely junk. By doing this, I realize that I've got A LOT of pictures/magazine cutouts/drawings that I'd love to put on my wall. I've got a few things up right now, but just taping things up looks horrible:

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Urrg, see what I mean?! Nasty.
So, does anyone have any bright ideas for me on how to display all of my little snippets?

That is all for now, weheartit is calling me...

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