Monday, December 1, 2008

It's about blinkin' time!

As I've become a professional procrastinator, it's in my job title to put things of for weeks, or even months when I'm really on top of my game. So now you see why I haven't responded from my tag by the Stylish Wanderer way back in October. Silly readers, it wasn't an accident, I'm simply showing off my best asset: delaying things as long as humanly possible!
This tag is a really fun one, started by the awesome Roxanne at Pandora's Closet. Basically you go to your iPod/MP3 player/iTunes/whatever, put it on shuffle, and create an outfit that reflects the song that popped up! No cheating! The first song is the song you've got to use, I don't care if it's Barney's Hit Parade! Create your look around the song and work it out!
I vowed to myself that I would be honest, the more random the song, the more interesting the outfit. Here's what I got when pressed the shuffle button on my pod...

How's that for random? This is the only song I have by The Academy Is... and it's a remix! I'm not into the whole whiney, "pop-punk" situation so I was extremely tempted to try again an pretend the first attempt never happened. But I'm an honest gal so I went over to trusty ol' Google Images to see what I could scrounge up for "The Academy Is..."

It turns out the lead singer is pretty dang hot! I'm all for androgyny, and this guy's really workin' it! Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, a little plaid here, a black blazer there, and don't forget the faded drainpipes. Behold my masterpiece!

Okay so I've got the scragly emo boy look down, but the song IS a Teddybears Remix. Don't think I've forgotted that, check out these bad boys!

Ohhoho, I am so amused by what I come up with sometimes, so simple yet so very very perfect!

The next "tagee's" are Tavi, Hannah, Friends and Lovers, and Snazzy Ana! Good Luck!!

Note - I was going to tag Steph from Fashion Robot, but sadly she's decided to close down her blog. I'll really miss you girl, and your incredible clothes, style, and confidence that inspires us all! Good luck in the future, hope to hear from you! <3<3<3
Note #2 - Photobucket is dumb! Will get these photo difficulties fixed up asap!

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