Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I went to the Jingle Bell rock tour last night, featuring copious amounts of acts including DJ Mike Realm, Sebastian Granger, The Dears, Tokyo Police Club and Metric. I don't want to go that much into it because I'm pretty ticked off at the whole situation. The ticket said 7pm... that means the concert starts at 7 right? APPARENTLY NOT! My friend and I got there at 7:20 because we didn't care to see the DJ and found out that the concert started at 6! We missed the DJ, Sebastian and part of the Deers. We. were. pissed. My friend was especially choked because she's probably the biggest Death from above fan ever and wanted to see Sebastian Granger so badly. One thing that did perk us up was that Sebastian was selling his own merchandise! How cool is that? She bought one of his shirts off him and ran back to her car in the freezing cold (-42 celcius... I kid you not) to get his album to sign, while I was happily inside munching on popcorn... her popcorn to boot. I'm the bestest friend ever, non?
Here's some cruddy pictures from the show. I hate being any further than the floor, I need space to get my groove on!
Tokyo Police Club...

Metric, the headlining band. You could tell most people were there for them, girls kept screaming "I love you Emily!". I will admit, her outfit was pretty freakin' sweet. Bondage dresses look so good on girls with no curves.

I really wasn't in the "concert-going mood" yesterday so the show really wasn't anything special. I've already seen Metric once before and I don't really like TPC or the Deers, so I wasn't peeing my pants with excitement or anything. To tell you the truth I was more interested in my outfit. I felt like a faerie. Always a good thing, I say!
I wore my old ballet skirt from when I was about 7 years old, it's got a wonderful shape and colour. I even got a compliment from a stranger, some woman said it was "so fun". Awww, I love random compliments!

Here's the outift after the show, sans tights or shoes. I wore my superhero heels (got a stranger-compliment on those too actually!). Something is wrong with my camera/memory card/karma. Pictures get deleted for no reason, and some load on my computer all wonky. Anyone else have a Canon camera who hates you? Join the club.

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