Monday, December 22, 2008

Bouncy bouncy, ooo such a good time!

Family gathering number one... check.
Eating countless Christmas cookies... check
Starting my 12 page paper.... not so much.
As you can tell by, I've planned out my holiday schedule quite nicely. A very balanced plan I'd say, there's only one time of the year where everyone is expected to do nothing and just eat. That time is now.
Alas, I've got to get some work going, that paper ain't gunna write itself. Unless I went to Hogwarts and then I'd just use a charm to write it. Then again, I probably wouldn't even know the right spell to do it... Enough rambling! The library closes tomorow for the holidays so I'm going to get a move on. Here's what I wore to family gathering number one.

The tights did confuse many people yesterday, the small-town folk aren't used to these kinds of complex garments. Everyone though I was wearing 2 pairs of tights, and every time I reached down to show them it was just one pair. Then I would remind myself NOT to flash the relatives, we don't we needed any of that.

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