Monday, December 29, 2008

Peace out Santa, thanks for nothing!

The holidays are over, finished as fast as they started. Not to be a Scrouge but Christmas was kind of lame this year. I didn't really want anything big so there wasn't any anticipation for my presents. I did get a couple CDs that I wanted, but besides that I didn't really care. I know the holidays are not all about presents, but even the family events were pretty boring. I'll skip the details, basically overall not the best Christmas ever.
My special surprise from Santa? My camera deciding to be completely uncooperative and now it a useless heap of metal, yey! Maybe I'll see if I can get it fixed, maybe I'll use it as a paperweight. I'm not very bothered because I didn't pay for it. It used to be my dad's then I swiped it when he got a new one. I just can't see myself spending 600 bucks on a camera that will probably die in year. I'd rather have some Marni heels, please.
Christmas eve we poped in my Grandparents house before going to yet another holiday party. My Grandpa's dog had puppies about 6 weeks ago and I hadn't seen them since they were born. Even though they were so tiny and cute before, they're way more freakin adorable now! Holy goodness, I though I was going to cry. I couldn't handle the cuteness.


Like I said, my camera doesn't work so these are from my dad's camera. I didn't want to take outfit pictures with his, too weird trying to explain them, so there's a side view of what I wore Chistmas eve. Here are some HORRIBLE quality webcam pics from my laptop, I really thought the camera on this thing would be better. Oh well, you get the jist of what I was wearing.

Dress - Erin Featherston for Target, Dress unterneath - Winners, Necklaces - Misc., Shiny satin leggings - H&M
I felt this outfit looked very Chanel, or maybe that's just me pretending to be chic. I guess we'll never know.
Hope you all had a great holiday!

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