Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Hai y'allz, I done exams now! I've still got a HE-UGE paper due when I go back to school but that's a whiles a way right? That means start the day before I go back right? Yup, that sounds about right.
Today I wanna throw at you all something a bit different. I wanted to post a few of my drawings, I don't know what you readers like... maybe you'll like drawings posts, perhaps there will be no comments and everyone will remove Nice and Shiny from their favourites. It's worth a try, some people may like my sketches. I've been drawing pretty much my whole life, the third grade was when I was especially obsessed. Back then I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, but my Mom kinda killed it when she told me that artists don't make much money... way to inspire your kid's creativity, Mom! Some of you may have seen some of my drawings already, I did a sketch for The Stylish Wanderer and used a picture of Tavi to sketch for my bookmark button here on my blog (check the sidebar on the left!).

(clickey to make big-big!)

This one I found in my sketchbook, it was done about two years ago. I've always thought to was just so sweet and delicate.

This ones from over a year ago, a stereotypical emo boy. I thought it was funny. And yes, I do realize that "rhyme" is misspelled.

This is a recent one, a sketch of Gareth Pugh taking a bow after on of his runway shows. An entire show of mind-boggling, earth shattering awesomeness and the picture that sticks with me the most is the designer coming out at the end in jeans and a t-shirt. I dunno, there's just something so fascinating to me about the person behind the clothes, especially with Pugh's work. I'd love to get in his head just for a day...

God, I want his bondage trousers.
Santa please bring me some sexy goth gear.
Thanks big time.

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