Saturday, November 1, 2008


Wootwoot I hope you all had lots of fun last night, whatever you did to celebrate halloween! I think I'm going to have to say that Halloween is my favourite holiday. I know that I should Christmas because, well, it was the birth of Christ for goodness sake! But I just love dressing up way too much to just leave out Halloween... I just realized that pretty much every holiday involves some sort of special food and eating copious amounts of it. Gosh, we live in a fat fat world!
So last night was alright, not the best Halloween, but not the worst. I guess I just miss trick or treating for 4 hours straight then comming home with a pillowcase full of candy, dumping it on the living room floor and sorting it while watching some sort of Halloween special on T.V. Ahhh the good ol days. Although I did get to do a little trick-or-treating! First I went to a friends house and handed out candy while they sang disney songs on the front lawn! They're all choir geeks so you gotta give it up to them, awesome harmonizing! Everyone had to dress as a disney princess, I didn't really have anything so I did a different disney character and it pretty great for a half hour costume thrown together! Me and two of the girls went to like 5 houses singing disney songs to get candy. I few houses liked the singing, the other ones it was just akward, they were like, "ohhh, um, nice singing... yeah". LOL it was pretty fun though.

After we all changed costumes and went to a club/bar. This was the first time I'd been to a club on Halloween. Last year I was of age but I ended up just handing out candy at a friend's house. So yeah, I was pretty surprised to see the costumes there! I mean, I was expecting a lot of "sexy costumes" with the girls but this was just over exessive! Litterally EVERY girl (besides me, 2 of my friends, and one chick dressed as a pink ipod) was in very little clothing. Ya know how in Mean Girls they say how Halloween is just an excuse to dress up slutty and not get anything bad said about you? Well it was basically like that. I've got to say, the most reoccuring themes for the girls were angels, devils, milk maids, fairies, and chicks in lingere with some form of animal ears. Go to this website to get an idea of what it was like. Yeah, pretty disturbing.

I'll show pictures and reveal what I dressed as later on, for now everyone eat tons of leftover chocolate and chill on the couch!

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