Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I've got a really cool DIY for you all today! Hopefully it will start to make up for my bad blogging update, once a week is just a very sad display of my commitment. If it makes a difference, I am thinking about posting... next time I'll just do telepathic posts and hope you all get them.
So for this scrumptious DIY I've got a brilliant idea that can be used for endless hours of crafting fun! I sound like an infomercial, but seriously this is pretty handy and I guarantee you success if you try it out.
It's a simple concept, but basically it's for making your own printed tights at home. No more searching around on Celeste Stein (well, maybe a little still) because creating your own funky tights couldn't be easier.

Take a cardboard box and unfold it so it lays flat on the ground. Your going to want to cut 2 leg shapes that are the same size as your own. To make sure you get the right size, grab a tape measure and measure the circumference of your ankle, knee, and thigh. Divide each number in 2 then mark the 3 widths on a rectangular cut piece of cardboard that is the length of your leg from your ankle to your upper thigh (right up to your crotch, basically).
Once you've cut out these 2 shapes get some duct tape and tape the entire surface of the cutouts! Just keep winding it around and around as you work your way from top to bottom. This is so that you can use these leg patterns over and over again, the paint won't soak into the cardboard as your decorating your tights!
Now that you've got your waterproof leg patterns you can let your imagination run wild! Put the tights/leggings/hosiery on the pieces and use paints to decorate them however you like. The first time I used this method was about 2 years ago for a spirit week outfit. I made stencils out of scrap cardboard, then laid them down on the tights and spray painted them. They dry pretty much instantly if you're using spray paint, so just flip them over and do the other side then you're done! Also, I used tights that matched my skin tone, so it looked like a tattoo effect.
This time I wanted to make a splatter pattern on some basic black leggings. I put the leggings on my leg pattens then hung them on a hanger. I did my splattering in my shower because for some reason it didn't occur to me to go outside...

Anyways, I used white acrylic paint to splatter the leggings, I just dipped a paintbrush in the bottle and went crazy! I also used the ole' toothbrush method, that proved quite handy to make smaller spray marks in those hard to reach areas.
When I ran out of paint I was finished my masterpiece. They looked soooo good as the finished product! Note "looked", as in the past tense. I put the leggings in the washing machine after they paint dried, but most of the paint came off in the wash! I'm going to try it again but with something a bit tougher than acrylic paint. I think I've still got some white paint left from when I did my room...
I can't wait to try out other print and technique, hopefully future attempts will be more successful!

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