Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ah, I know! A whole week and no post!? It's ridiculous, but then again I've got an atrocious assignment list to match. It's not all bad news though because last week I got a laptop! Very exciting stuff indeed, it's gorgeous and has lots of cray-zay features (does anyone really need finger print identification?) so hopefully this new bit of equipment will lead to more posting.... then again, I AM writing from the fam computer at this very moment...
I've got some extra outfit pictures floating around on this computer, here's one from about 3233 weeks ago, back when there was no snow on the ground and I had the leisurly time to do mini photoshoots in the morning.
Behold my mirror shoes, Look at them shine!

I'd also like this time to Post a Wanted Persons ad.... actually it's a wanted shoe ad. Please if anyone finds these floating around on the web, notify my ASAP so they can come home with me! Last seen: TeenVogue September 2008. I have looked high and low, favourite hangout (, Google search, the like, yet still no sign of them.
Please help these lovely booties find the way to their rightful place... in my closet.

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