Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween: Part Deux

Finally the elections are over and everyone can just relax for a second! I don't even live in the U.S. but the election hype has spread all over the world, wouldn't you agree? I was seriously stressing last night when I caught a glimpse of CNN and McCain was ahead in the few states that I saw. I didn't get to find out who won untill the next morning but let me tell ya that I was extremly releived. I'm not even American but I think that Obama seems very honest and wants to make change for the better. I know that changes in the states will effect Canada in the long run, and many other countries I'm sure, so it's always good to be aware of these things.

Aaaanyways... here's the post about my Halloween costumes. As I proclaimed before, I frikin love Halloween and putting together a costume is pretty much the funnest thing next to eating cupcakes and getting your favourite song on shuffle. I had 2 costumes this year, one for the earlier part of the evening, the other for "da clubbin" section of the night (which was totally lame btw, I'm sticking with trick-or-treating).

I handed out candy at a friends house while a group of them sang disney songs on the lawn. I actually enjoyed it, everyone loved my costume and I loved the attention.... HA! I didn't have anything that I could but together as a comprehensive princess costume so I did a quick Cruella DeVille. I know, I know Susie did this a few weeks back for a costume party but I SWEAR I didn't realize that untill a while later. Note the matching tights!

(Outfit: Veil-h&m, colourblock sweater-thrifted, blazer-le Chateau, wiggle dress-thrifted, belt-thrifted,, shoes-(very old)WalMart, Mom's old beaver fur coat... sorry animal lovers!)
I tried to do a beehive situation in my hair, it turned out pretty good considering it took about 10 minutes. I'm not one for intricate hair, but I was so impressed with what I could come up with. Dang I'm multi-talented.
And for the evening... drum roll please.......


"I'm Old Greeeeeeegg!"

BOOya, told you it was awsome! I wanted to do this costume for months, I was so excited. I'm very quite proud of the whole thing, especially the scaley legs. I told my friend that I would be satisfied if just ONE person knew who I was (Boosh in not big in Canada) and alas at the veeeeery end of the night someone noticed! I had already left the first club and I wanted to get into this other social that my brother was organizing. I was so mad I couldn't get in, but then some of my friend's friends where just comming out as we were leaving. I didn't really know them so I just stood quitely while they said hi. Then the girl was like "Excuse me, but, are you supposed to be old Gregg?". I was so excited, I was just like "Yes, yes, one person, that's all I needed! I'm satisfied now, lets go home." She took a picture of me to show to her friends, apparently I'm no longer the only boosh fan in town anymore.

To make the leggings it was really quite easy, yet very time consuming. I stayed up all last Wednesay night to do them so I wouldn't be crunched for time later on. I litterally started at 10:30 pm and finished at 6:15 am... and I had class at 8:30! Whatever, it was pretty fun actually, I listened to Ramones greates hits, watched the Wizard Rockumentary, High School musical, the Juno soundtrack 2 times over, then I was done. To make them I just used a big shiny green coat, some leggings and a glue gun with LOTS of glue stick refill... seriously, I went through about 25 sticks.
I cut the coat into strips with rounded edges, like scales, in the longest length I could get for the material. Then I put the leggings on and started glueing! starting from the ankles I did one leg at a time, I just cut the stip so it could go around my leg then glued it all the way around. Just do this row by row, making sure that each strip is long enough to go all the way around. It was a little tough to get them off afterwards (my own fault, I glued them on a bit too tight on some parts) but somehow they stretched so putting them on the next night was a breeze.

Perhaps not the most useful DIY, but I know I'll be using this method to make some sort of layered skirt, with a sewing machine this time! Lets all hope that a skirt won't take quite so long to make...

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