Monday, May 10, 2010

How wonderful life is now you're in the world

Really quick, unexciting post here! Better than nothing I say, especially since it seems like the whole blogosphere has gone on an unnofficial hiatus recently. Am I right?? The internet is so uneventful lately! Allow me to perk up your Monday night a bit with my ever-so-90's outfit from yesterday, i.e. Mother's Day. Went to Grandma's in the country and felt the need to blend in with my humble surroundings. Read: denim, riding boots, country florals, and vintage [looking] lace cardigan.
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Bought these sunglasses this weekend, but only realizing now that I look like a try-hard in them. Hmm...
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Note my Powerpuff Girl bow that has been on SERIOUS high rotation lately. I bought a big bag of bows and scrunchies from Value Village ages ago and recently re-discovered them in the deep depths of my sewing room. And yes, those are real horses in the background.
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Hairbow - secondhand, crop top - secondhand/self cut, cardigan - Rodarte for Target gift from Tavi, shorts - secondhand, tights - dunno, boots - eBay/secondhand, sunnies - Vintage Glory
If you're wondering how this weekend was with seeing Leslie Hall and that, well, it was craycray. Will dish more this weekend. Don't want to post about it just yet for good reason, but all secrets shall be revealed soon enough!

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