Monday, March 29, 2010

Talk to me, dance with me

So maybe I should have written this post a week ago, before I dropped off the face of the earth. The truth is that I've decided to take a teeny tiny blogging break... only untill the school year and exams are over. I've seriously been the worst student this term, so I figured with less than 2 weeks left I might as well throw myself into school work and just not worry about the internet/blogging world for a bit.
I will tell you all that this past weekend I took all the pictures for my shop, so once again it IS coming soon! The friends who helped me with the pictures really liked the pieces, which is so reassuring! Working on these things for months with no one's opinion but my own I start to wonder "will anyone even like this?", "Is this wearable?", etc. I really hope all of you at there like them soo when you see them! My friend took the pictures with her camera and hasn't sent them to me yet, otherwise I'd love to give you a sneak peak!
ALSO I've got another project lined up. Not blog-related, but it's something I'm SO psyched about and you all will for sure see it when it's done!
OH, one more thing: Going to Toronto in July to see GAGALOO!!
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Then right after I'll be heading over to London for 5 months! Holy crap, that sounds scary now that I actually think about it... last summer I was there for 2 months and I didn't really get homesick, but who knows what will happen in over twice that time. Maybe I'll pick up an accent, haha!

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