Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Like Heaven

I'm back from a 2-day quick trip to Toronto, so fast I didn't even have time to post it! Didn't even know I was gone, didja? I'll explain later about why I was there, pssst it's a super fun secret (!!!). In the mean time you will be happy to know that I just about fainted from joy in the 3 floor H&M, spent way too much money, and have sore bruised-up arms from all the shopping bags I lugged though the airport. Fuuuuuun times!
I found plenty of amazing stuff, but I think I'll make you all squirm and show it all slowly, one by one, savouring every moment. Mmmmm, clothes.
Observe, the mountain of glory!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I could not resist picking up the GQ with Robbie on the front. Really, does he NEED to be so bloody alluring!? ...Vampire pun not intended. Turns out the Winnipeg airport has pretty good magazines, I found NME (which I've been searching for for months) and I bought an i-D with Miuccia Prada on the cover... and Jethro Cave inside! Too, too good.

I wasn't the only one getting back from a trip, my little brother just got home from a school trip to Japan yesterday. He's so precious, he brought me back a magazine.

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I didn't think he'd bring me anything, but as he so heartfully put it : "I dunno, I just saw it and it was all... fashion and stuff so I got it for you". How cute is that?! Although I wouldn't have said no to some Lolita/Fruits/Cosplay gear...

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