Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love them Hollywood birds

You all should feel very lucky right now that I'm posting, as I'm currently drowning in all the work I have to do for uni... only untill next saturday though! Almost done, already! It literally feels like I started about a month ago, and a whole school year has gone by!

Enough with that nonsense, y'all want some clothes! Am I right?

I want to share this vest I "made" last week while "watching" SNL last saturday... did anyone else find it to be one of the most horrible episodes ever created, or was it just me? At least I worked on this awesome vest. Basically I just cut off the sleeves of this bomber-type jacket that I bought secondhand a while back. It was a two-piece set with the high-waist trousers I showed you a few weeks back...

The jacket was a kind of strange shape in the arms, so I made it into a vest in order to actually get some wear out of it. I quite like it now, it looks kind of like a motorcycle vest but in buisness suit grey. What a lovely mixture

If you also want to convert an ill-fitting jacket it's really simple! First put on the jacket, use some tape to show where you want the shoulders to be cut, then also mark where you want it to go under the arms:

Next, lay the jacket down flat and use a marker to draw the curve from the shoulder to the underarm marks. To make sure the other side is exactly the same, I cut out the curve on a piece of paper and then traced it on the other arm. Sometimes you'll get lucky and have seams on the arms, but if the jacket is like mine then you'll have to decide for yourself where to cut.
Pin the front and back of the jacket together before you cut, that way the front and back will have the same curve. Now cut cut cut
In other news (i.e. boring anecdotes about my life), I was searching for a quiet space in the library yesterday and found the strangest, most secluded place I've ever been in. This library is one of the smallest on campus, but it has has multiple levels and a lot of twists and turns. Anyways, I went up some stairs I found at the back of some stacks, and they lead to a tiny 2nd floor that I didn't even know existed, overlooking the main study area. There was only one desk there, and it was so incredibly quite and beautiful. I cannot describe this place to give it justice, it was just really cool, like I found a hidden secret area all of my own.

What else to do but take pictures of myself. Yesterday's theme was schizo-granny! I was quite amused.

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