Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Upside down, bouncing off the ceiling

Today I wore my yellow tulip skirt upsidedown, like the banana outfit from the photoshoot. So fun right?! I think it looks way cool, like a slouchy bubble skirt with a paperbag waist... all my favourites! After my first class I got up and it felt like skirt slipped down off the belt, I was so freaked! Luckily the skirt was still in place, I hadn't just yet flashed my classemates. I just couldn't feel the skirt fabric because of my numb butt, which matched my calculus OD'ed mind.


Have you ever tried wearing something in a different way? I know Susie's done cardigans as skirts, and another blogger (who I just can't remember now, sorry!) wore a bat wing top as harem pants.. how brilliant is that!? I mean, this could totally cut spending habits in half! When you need something new just toss on an old pair of jeans on your head and call it a hat! Okay that may be taking it a bit too far but, you get what I'm saying. What other items of clothing can have a double usage???

----> Whoever can name the Artist of the song in the title will get a cyber high five from me!

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