Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally, Secondhand Smokin' !

In the beginning of summer I started buying things to resell on eBay. I mean, I find cute things all the time that don't fit me, might as well make some profit off of my incredible thrifting skills (...HA)! Anyone who's been reading for a few months now might remember me saying that I wanted to list my stuff by the end of July. Welllll, it's not quite July but I've finally done it! I'm literally the least punctual person I know, I do everything in my own sweet time. Whatever, at least I'm reliably late!
I love everything I found, but they either A) Didn't fit me (the more probable reason) or B) Liked it but didn't see myself wearing it often.


I got my amazingly-tall-and-skinny friend to model the clothes for me, she's such a doll! She's pretty shy and modest but I coached her up to be a top model, HA! Anyone coached by me probably wouldn't even make the top 1000! Nevertheless she's frikin' adorable and almost everything fit her (curse her thin Asian body!). The one item that we couldn't squeeze her into was this really cool bubble-hemmed sweater. I forced my other friend, who was doing the photography, to pose for that item! Ooooh she hated that, but I think she looked so cute!
I've listed these 9 items as my "store": Secondhand Smokin'. Geddit? Smokin' hot... secondhand clothes... whatever, it makes sense in my head! For some reason only 8 items are showing up as listed, and of course it's my favourite item, an adorable floral skater dress. This is the first time I've ever tried to sell on eBay, so please don't laugh at my pathetic newbie attempt. Okay, you can giggle quietly, for my descriptions are horribly corny and I'm truly sorry for that!
Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon, in the meantime CHECK OUT THE STUFF! If anyones interested and wants to ask a question about any of the items, you can leave it in the comments here or just email me @
Happy Bidding!

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